Skycure: Curbing Mobile Vulnerabilities through Predictive Intelligence

Adi Sharabani, CEO
According to a recent IDC forecast, over 70 percent of the U.S. workforce will be on the BYOD bandwagon by 2020. Today’s CIOs are planning to adopt full-scale BYOD programs to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. Concurrently, increased workforce mo¬bility too often results in critical network and malware breaches, largely due to re¬lying on security strategies from the PC era, and failing to strike the right bal¬ance between personal privacy and the security essential to protecting valuable corporate resources.

“Often, CIOs are unaware about the mobile and data breaches their businesses experience,” says Adi Sharabani, CEO and Co-Founder, Skycure. Before any BYOD adoption, CIOs should ensure that there is good visibility into the risks and threats across the mobile environment. Palo Alto, CA, based Skycure revolutionizes the way mobile devices are protected with a solution that addresses traditional and emerging mobile security threats, without accessing employees’ corporate or personal data. The company’s Mobile Threat Defense solution leverages massive crowd-sourced threat intelligence and a proactive response approach to enable organizations to stay ahead of hackers. “CIOs can close gaps across all mobile threat vectors, including network-based threats, malware, vulnerability exploits and other targeted attacks,” he adds.

The Skycure Mobile Threat Defense solution empowers IT executives with the knowledge and visibility to understand the risk profile of their organization and pinpoint the areas most in need of attention to protect corporate resources. In addition to the always-on public (iOS, Android) mobile app, the solution includes a cloud-based management console that provides visibility into cyber threats and also facilitates integration with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and other existing enterprise solutions. “Skycure’s management console reveals vulnerability of organizational resources toward cyber-attacks and helps counter them on time,” says Sharabani. Skycure’s cloud-based solution is also fast and simple to set up and configure.

If an MDM platform is the muscle that averts cyber threats, our solution is a brain that identifies these perils and commands MDM to take necessary steps

“At the end of the day, mobile devices connect to many networks and use a different style of operating system, so they require a very different security approach,” notes Sharabani. The Skycure mobile app is the first line of defense for each mobile device. Additional layers of security intelligence come from incremental server analysis and the crowd wisdom collected from every other Skycure mobile app. The solution can also be integrated with existing corporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, or provide its own native MDM functionality. “If an MDM platform is the muscle that averts cyber threats, our solution is a brain that identifies these perils and commands MDM to take necessary steps,” he explains.

Skycure considers malware and network attacks to be the predominant threats faced by organizations today. According to Sharabani, in any typical organization, about 22 percent of the mobile devices will be exposed to a network attack in the first month of security monitoring. This number goes above 40 percent over the next three months. Skycure’s application possesses the ability to curb network and malware threats and OS/App vulnerability exploits, while providing full visibility to the IT department. “The depth of our analysis enables our clients to uncover all types of threats, leveraging device, server and crowd-sourced intelligence for the greatest coverage and accuracy,” says Sharabani.

Skycure is creating a buzz in the mobile security arena through its intuitive and predictive platform. Over time, the company will focus on increasing the intelligence quotient of its solution to extend its prominence in mitigating different types of cyber attacks.


Palo Alto, CA

Adi Sharabani, CEO

A provider of a solution that facilitates visibility and remediation of all types of mobile security threats without compromising employee’s privacy or productivity