Skyfii [ASX:SKF] - Helping Physical Venues Compete in the Digital Era

Wayne Arthur, CEO & Executive Director
Skyfii provides data analytics and marketing tools to physical venues, focused on enabling, better performance, innovation and transformation. The company’s IO platform leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, BLE beacon networks, CCTVs, door counters, PoS, web and social platforms along with others - gaining valuable “insights” into visitors’ in-venue movements and behavior. “We help our clients get a clearer view of their target group so that they can deliver more relevant content, enhance experiences, and boost customer loyalty and sales,” states Wayne Arthur, CEO & Executive Director, Skyfii.

Skyfii’s IO platform offers a suite of tools; IO Connect, IO Insight and IO Engage – to empower shopping centers, retail stores, airports universities, and other public spaces with actionable data analytics and marketing capabilities. For instance, the platform can integrate with POS data to analyze ROI in conjunction within its own measurement tools, CCTV, foot counters and Wi-Fi to calculate traffic and footfall, in addition to integrating with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to improve marketing capabilities. The platforms IO Connect tool enables the unification and ingestion of multiple data sets into one platform, creating powerful visitor analytics to build a deeper understanding of customers, in order to improve every customer engagement. IO Insight is the intelligence component of the platform, deriving accurate customer and venue analytics - highlighting physical customer behavior, profiles and visualization of the facilities performance.

These analytics are then used to enhance the platforms omni-channel marketing tool; IO Engage. Delivering targeted content and marketing to registered Wi-Fi users in and out of venue through captive portals, SMS, email, push notification, and video interstitials. These capabilities are then aided by analytical insights, creating a data-driven marketing campaign that can be automated and triggered based upon location and behavior, whilst being accurately measured back to venue or spend for a true marketing ROI. “We are striving to build tools that can turn big data into smart data—closing the gap between the digital and physical worlds,” asserts Wayne Arthur.
Skyfii’s Guest Wi-Fi, is another robust service offering, acting as one of the single biggest drivers for database growth - gathering multivariate information in the realm of consumer demographics, location, behavior, and web browsing preferences. After the data is collected, it is aggregated and interpreted through Skyfii’s IO Insight, creating a granular outlook of visitor behavior, aided by segmentation capabilities based on specific profiles and shopper preferences.

Apart from driving powerful insights on consumers, the analytics tool also provides meaningful ‘venue analytics’ for marketing and operation teams. For example, helping venues understand the real-time visitor dwell and movement of shoppers in a particular zone or shop within a mall. Arthur indicates that, using this powerful tool, shopping centers can strategize the leasing price of venues for businesses based upon their known visitor interaction and also inform on tenancy mix.

At the same time Skyfii is breaking new grounds for public WiFi provisions, University campuses are also witnessing growing popularity of analytics and communication tools supported by Wi- Fi, to enhance the campus and student experience. To this end, Arthur states, “Skyfii’s IO Platform has been seen to support the ongoing development of campus facilities, with a client indicating that it provided a clearer understanding of student attendance and movements throughout campus, as a result enabling them to provide reflective services and facilities.”

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company aims to continue building a global footprint with its inventive suite of products and services, and is aggressively growing its territory in the U.S, U.K, South America, South Africa and at home in Australia. Going forward, Skyfii also wants to deliver additional services within marketing services and data consultancy to extend the insights generated by Skyfii’s IO platform into solving real business challenges. While innovation remains the major tenet of the company, Arthur believes in morphing the product-line with the rationale from both client feedback and the firm’s internal assessment.

Skyfii [ASX:SKF]

Sydney, Australia

Wayne Arthur, CEO & Executive Director

Offers a suite of tools–IO Connect, IO Insight, and IO Engage to empower industries with profound consumer analytics & data driven marketing

Skyfii [ASX:SKF]