SkyGlue Inc.: Putting Google Analytics on Steroids!

Eric Y. Huang, Co-Founder & CEO
Google Analytics (GA) is a widely used tool for online marketing. It helps companies to analyze website visitors and marketing campaigns in order to formulate effective online-marketing strategies. “However, GA default setup only tracks traffic sources and page views. If you want to track more data, such as tracking clicks, or identifying individual visitors, you need to use GA programming APIs and change the production code. This is usually time-consuming and error-prone,” says Eric Huang, Co-Founder of SkyGlue.

Addressing the concern is SkyGlue, a silicon valley based company that helps customers to collect critical missing data for web analytics. "With SkyGlue, our data analyst customers can track in-depth data on the fly without developers and can get the data they need right away,” says Eric.

As a top-rated Google Analytics application partner, the firm endeavors to fix the disconnection among data silos and increase efficiency among IT, marketing and sales.

SkyGlue stands out in three areas: data collection, data reporting and raw GA data access for data analysis and integration.
For data collection, SkyGlue’s patent-pending technology provides a unique visual interface to set up people tracking and actions tracking (e.g. file downloading, web form completion) in the simplest way without IT in the loop. By simply adding one snippet of JavaScript code, the application can track visitor interactions with all html elements on your site in various modes: fully automatic, partially automatic or fully customized.

For data reporting, SkyGlue ‘glues’ various sources of data together to help marketers get full picture of each visitor. Complementing GA aggregated reports; SkyGlue individual user report stitches together all aspects of visitor interactions and gives the best insight at fine-grained level. Moreover, SkyGlue can integrate GA data with customer data from various CRM systems or data sources, such as Salesforce or backend user transaction databases.

On the front of data analysis and integration, SkyGlue provides raw GA data that are not available to regular free GA accounts. “GA premium account allows users to analyze raw data. However it is very expensive. Our tool offers similar capability at a more affordable price,” asserts Cindy, COO, SkyGlue.

SkyGlue serves a diverse range of customers in various verticals including e-commerce, healthcare, government, and education. The firm has also partnered up with a wide range of marketing agencies to bring efficiency and customer insight to their clients.

Moving forward, SkyGlue will make data insight discovery much simpler using big data technologies. “We are automating many data analytics tasks performed by data analysts and developers today so that companies of all sizes can get real values out of their data easily,” concludes Huang.

SkyGlue Technology, Inc

Santa Clara, CA

Eric Y. Huang, Co-Founder & CEO and Cindy Wang, COO

Supercharge Google Analytics with additional capabilities for better data insight and easy tracking.