SkyLink Data Centers: Co-lo Solutions to Drive Increased Connectivity

Jacob Ackerman, CTO
Colocation facilities enable small to large scale enterprises to leverage the financial and operational benefits of state-of-the-art co-lo model that allows businesses to ‘colocate’ their servers and networking equipment by renting space in a colocation center. CTOs are precisely considering three vital factors—scalability, security, and redundancy to finalize from numerous colocation and hosted services providers. Jacob Ackerman, CTO at SkyLink Data Centers states, “We are identifying the sectors that are pursuing a strong need for colocation.” In particular, the SMBs are thriving to outsource data center capacity to colocation partners rather than investing in remolding their in-house network architecture.

According to Ackerman, redundancy in power, connectivity and cooling, increasing storage requirements, and the move to the cloud are the key determinants that are driving colocation solutions and managed hosting services. He adds, “Mobile technology has greatly changed the way employees work.” The mobile workforce is constantly connected to the workplace. Any power or connectivity failure in the office can result in hundreds if not thousands of lost man hours.

Furthermore, Mobile platforms have escalated the demand for larger bandwidth and storage capacity. Enterprises are constantly enhancing storage capacity to deal with the growing data and high bandwidth requirements. SkyLink entrusts companies with managed hosting and co-lo solutions to drive endless network connectivity, everywhere and at all times. The firm provides complete control and security to businesses by helping them design their personal cloud instead of moving towards public cloud platforms. “We help companies to set up their own private cloud giving them over-the-top control and security over hardware and software,” affirms Ackerman.

Ackerman asserts “Survivability” as the most challenging issue that SkyLink faces due to its geographical situation in Southwest Florida. SkyLink’s PCI plus HIPAA compliant data center facility is located at 42 feet above the sea level with capability to provide uninterrupted power supply.

We help companies to set up their own private cloud giving them over-the-top control and security over hardware and software

The firm has utilized these unique assets to transform Southern Florida’s IT businesses to stay “always on” in any diverse condition. “We can sustain Category 5 level winds and Katrina level flooding and still be 100 percent operational,” extols Ackerman.

SkyLink’s data center solution benefits disparate public and private organizations to leverage the company’s hosting services for daily operations. For instance, an organization from a health care sector was seeking a dedicated IT space with continuous power backup and internet redundancy. “They were facing several outages a year due to poor internet connectivity where most of their workforce is working from outside of the office,” says Ackerman. SkyLink equipped the client with a custom-engineered IT system and Metro Ethernet Connection. The organization was able to achieve direct connectivity between corporate office and provided data center along with a secondary circuit allowing mobile workers to access the whole network remotely. Additionally, SkyLink also assisted the firm with a technical team to keep their systems up and running at all times.

SkyLink focuses on small and mid-sized enterprises to provide its colocation services augmented with an experienced IaaS and SaaS expertise. The firm equips its clients with a dedicated ‘IT team for IT people,’ to offer proficient hands on service. It enables SkyLink to understand client requirements and issues in a more feasible and agile fashion. “We offer true IT based expertise that can help clients to get their VMware environment backed up and running,” concludes Ackerman.

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Jacob Ackerman, CTO

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