SLM Sistemas: Bringing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Closer To the Cloud

Gonzalo Manuel Araujo Cabarcas, CEO
The cloud computing market is led by a few very large companies.But unfortunately these companies today lack the flexibility to serve small and medium sized enterprises and are practically unable to provide personalized services.

But one company from Mexico City, Mexico named SLM Sistemas, a specialized technology services company with complete end to end solutions and expertise in B2B business has reached out to these small and medium sized enterprises and is becoming a popular name amongst the tech circles. “We achieved this through teams of developers and are able to provide local and/or remote support to meet every specific needs of customers who want the tools settings customized and not vice versa,” addsGonzalo Manuel Araujo Cabarcas, CEO of the firm.

The Firm’s Cloud Computing Approach

The firm currently offers four unique solutions in the Cloud Computing vertical, the first of which is the SLM Data Center Optimized. This is a Data Center with a unique design which maximizes the use of dense computing power and productivity features different services for Cloud Computing. The second is the SLM Cloud Factory with the firm’s own virtualizer technology. The third is the SLM Market which was created to orchestrate whole agnostic software and hardware infrastructure to Cloud. The final one is the SLM Galeón VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) which is unique by its versatility and has already a success.

The company also provides eSecurity, eHealth, eLearning and Management, eCommerce and Communications and technology consulting services to its clients which come from different industries. These clients are not limited to one particular geography and span out throughout America. “We are known amongst our clients for solving any technological challenges, both standard solutions (that is own or third party) as adhoc solutions and our solutions work across all platforms and devices,” mentions Gonzalo.

The SLM Market is the best and only brand agnostic solution to automate server virtualization, and software platforms worldwide

Some of its major clients include, VmWare, Kio Networks, BANAMEX - Citibank, Parmalat, Inteligencia y Contra Inteligencia del Ejercito Colombiano, Digitel Telecom, DRC Call Center, OncoSalud, ServiÓptica, Hospital Internacional de Barquisimeto, Clínica Leopoldo Aguerrevera and Gobernación de Miranda.

The Differentiator

There are many reasons for such success of the company.A few of them are that the SLM Market is the best and only brand agnostic solution to automate server virtualization, and software platforms worldwide. The next is that the firm’s product “GALEÓN” is the most advanced and affordable solution for virtual desktops, making “Bring your Own Device” a reality for any company. The third is that the company’s solutions work with all of the operating systems and devices of the current market hence the ability to make any software ready for Cloud in minutes. The firm is the only manufacturer to provide a complete solution with owner products to all needs in Cloud Computing, so it simplifies the design, marketing and implementation of all its solutions.

The Road Map for the Near Future

The company’s products and their experience in eSecurity and their 100 percent application on Cloud have helped it to gain enormous traction in the Cloud Computing industry. Moving forward the company will be concentrating more on its SLM Galeón VDI New Generation, SLM Global Market,eHealth Integrated Solutions and eLearning Integrated Solutions.

SLM Sistemas

Mexico City, Mexico

Gonzalo Manuel Araujo Cabarcas, CEO

A provider of complete end to end solutions and expertise in B2B business