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James Brown, CEO
Technology has evolved, and it has taken personalized communications to an unprecedented level by making them fast and flexible. Today, customers expect businesses to understand their needs and provide relevant and precise information, products, solutions, and services. Acknowledging the power of personalization, Smart Communications makes multi-channel customer communications more meaningful and helps the world’s most highly regulated industries simplify processes and increase efficiency. Founded in 2004, Smart Communications is the only independent company focused 100 percent on customer conversations for the enterprise, and the only independent cloud solution ranked as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management.

Consumers will switch vendors if their communication expectations are not met and it’s easy for conversations to break down and be inconsistent while flowing from one channel to another. To mitigate these issues, Smart Communications’ Conversation Cloud Framework makes it possible to connect the entire ecosystem seamlessly around the customer to enhance the effectiveness of conversations throughout their entire journey.

“Smart Communications sits right at the center of best-of-breed customer experience ecosystems, driving critical communications that lead to increased engagement and greater loyalty,” says James Brown, CEO at Smart Communications.

The company has dedicated itself entirely to customer communications management and provides an array of solutions designed to deliver incredibly effective communications at tremendous scale. The company’s flagship product is SmartCOMMTM, which aids enterprises in driving personalized and interactive conversations with their customers. It allows business users to operate more efficiently and increase ROI while also significantly improving the overall customer experience, which is shifting more and more toward digital. Understanding what an important shift this is, the company makes it easy for enterprises still on legacy solutions to more easily migrate to their cloud-based solutions, and fully unlock the benefits of cloud while leveraging the platform’s more modern capabilities.

SmartCOMMTM for Salesforce helps enterprises and businesses leverage data from their Salesforce environment and increase business productivity by creating correspondence for sales and service processes.

We believe that customer communications management is a critical component in delivering an exceptional customer experience

Embedded within the ecosystem, users never have to leave the Salesforce environment and need not rely on third-party tools to generate the information.

And the company’s SmartDXTM solution simplifies trade and relationship documentation for all participants, across all asset classes and product types. It uniquely offers an online collaborative negotiation environment that enables trading partners to effectively negotiate and unlock trapped data, lowering the cost of OTC documentation.

One of Smart Communications’ clients, a retail bank in the US using legacy solutions transitioned to the firm’s platform and, in three years, saved $16.7 million by reducing server and paper costs. This enabled them to achieve an ROI of 260 percent in those three years and drastically improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

“We believe that customer communications management is a critical component in delivering an exceptional customer experience, so we are laser focused on driving dramatic improvements in personalized communications through our technology,” adds Brown.

What does the future hold? Smart Communications is actively working to build additional accelerators and adapters to connect to many more tools throughout the CX ecosystem. And with chatbots and voice assistants growing in popularity in homes around the world, the company is evolving its platform to support more customer interactions through these channels.

“Our success is fueled by always putting the customer first, developing innovative technology that helps them be more efficient internally while delivering incredibly meaningful communications that enhance the overall customer experience,” concludes Brown.

Smart Communications

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James Brown, CEO

A global customer experience management company, specializing in cloud-based solutions to make multi-channel customer communications more meaningful

Smart Communications