Smart Energy Water : Driving a Sustainable Future with Connected Utilities

Deepak Garg, Founder and CEO
Over the last year, as COVID-19 disrupted conventional operations across all industry sectors, future-thinking leaders and technology innovators drove the idea of a digitalized ecosystem as a way to bypass human-based inefficiencies. From better and faster Amazon deliveries to huge leaps in the development of self-driving vehicles, the pandemic has undoubtedly led to a surge in technology adoption in various facets of the business ecosystem. The utility arena is a prime example of this digitalization wave in the wake of COVID-19. Many industry leaders recognize the significance of building a flexible and reliable value chain powered by technology. And with the implementation of tech-driven solutions and the resulting digital operational infrastructure, utility leaders are tackling prevalent challenges such as the management of evolving customer and workforce behaviors, the development of sustainable business models that address the changing climate, and more. However, to fulfill these steep ambitions, utility firms need a partner that understands the widening gap between supply and demand, as well as develops robust technology that can help them traverse the current, volatile operational and regulatory ecosystem of the utilities arena.

Enter Smart Energy Water (SEW), a California-based technology company that offers innovative utility management platforms to equip its clients for all eventualities by digitally transforming their operations and driving the creation of a sustainable energy-water future. “We engage with utility firms and digitalize their customer and workforce experiences to empower them in connecting with end-consumers and deliver their services in a highly intuitive and cost-effective way,” Deepak Garg, Founder and CEO at Smart Energy Water. The company’s ethos is to Engage, Empower, and Educate billions of people across the world to save energy and water via its digital platforms.

SEW’s portfolio comprises three platforms, namely, the Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®), the Smart Mobile Workforce (SMW®), and the Smart iQ (SiQ®). With the SCM®, end-users can connect with their utility service providers, manage their utility accounts online, as well as send and receive proactive alerts to track their energy and/or water usage. At the same time, SCM® has an in-built marketplace to enable consumers to buy energy and water-efficient products. “The SCM is a comprehensive, modular, scalable, and secure platform built to drive self-management among utility customers while remaining connected to their utility providers,” explains Garg.

Alternatively, for utility firms, SEW has developed its SMW® platform. With the power of AI and Machine Learning, SMW® helps in intelligently managing the field operations to make the service experiences effortless for end utility customers. The platform enables enterprise-wide collaboration by providing real-time visibility into workforce operations.

The SCM is a comprehensive, modular, scalable, and secure platform built to drive self-management among utility customers while remaining connected to their utility providers

The solution enables intelligent decision making via AI operational reports and advanced analytics, including outage management, Work Order Management, Auto Scheduling & Dispatching, Asset & Inventory Management, E-learning, Safety and Compliance, Workforce Collaboration, Route Optimization, Damage Assessment, and Vegetation Management. SMW® mobilizes and empowers utility workforce to improve customer service levels through faster response to service requests at a lower operating cost.

At the heart of the SCM® and the SMW® is the SiQ® platform, an AI and ML-driven analytics platform that empowers energy and water providers to discover customer and workforce insights across multiple data streams. Moreover, the SiQ builds intelligence by leveraging AI, ML, and IoT and performing in-depth analysis of data sets. “By embedding AI algorithms on customer datasets, SiQ® helps utility companies find effective ways to deal with power and water wastage,” adds Garg.

With such unmatched capabilities, SEW has ignited several client success stories since its inception in 2012. In fact, the company’s clientele has won 100+ accolades across the globe, including the global power and energy elites award 2021 for the San Diego Gas & Electric, ISGF Innovation Award for the Smart Technology 2021 for Gujarat Gas, the SAP Industry Innovation Award for the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), and more. Similarly, SEW has driven many more winning stories with its portfolio’s ability to deliver a single integrated customer and workforce experience, pre-integrated and fast implementation, as well as its team’s comprehensive domain expertise.

Today, SEW connects more than 575 Mn+ people with their utility providers. Looking ahead, Garg envisions a roadmap that leads billions of consumers to leverage SEW’s platforms and drive the development of a secure energy-water future. And in pursuit of this, the company is continually developing solutions powered by innovative technologies capable of disrupting the entire utility value chain. “With our continuous effort into delivering solutions that will drive utilities digitalization, we plan to facilitate smarter utilities, cities, and governments,” concludes Garg.

Smart Energy Water

Irvine, CA

Deepak Garg, Founder and CEO

Provides industry-leading cloud platforms that deliver the best Digital Customer Experiences (CX) and Workforce Experiences (WX), powered by AI, ML, and IoT Analytics to the global energy, water, and gas providers