SMART I.T. Services: Complete Cloud Solution for Independent Insurance Agencies

Jerry Fetty, Founder & CEO
Technological disruptions in the insurance sector have created demand for a high level of sophistication in various systems, IT solutions, and communications processes. Companies and agencies actively look for solutions and software that effectively and continually address their need for backup, security, compliance, and management of devices and systems used in the process of disseminating and storing relevant data. Amidst these ongoing tech revolutions, CIOs are finding it difficult to partner with proven and industry-specific cloud solution providers to upgrade and support their network infrastructure.

SMART I.T. Services, a firm with more than 25 years of expertise in assisting independent agencies, resolves the IT needs of its customers by providing solutions that help them take advantage of emerging technologies. “We have developed a complete cloud solution that recognizes agencies need more than just a server to host their management system,” explains Jerry Fetty, Founder and CEO, SMART I.T. Services.

SMART I.T.’s flagship offering, myAGENCY Cloud, strategically integrates an agency’s management system, local infrastructure, security updates, backups, mobile devices, and other critical systems to help insurance agents communicate over a unified plat¬form. SMART IT Services deploys, manages, and provides complete support to an agency’s network infrastructure in its secure and redundant data centers. This cloud solution allows the independent agent (IA) channel to eliminate the cost of establishing new server infrastructure and reduce the need of overhead IT management, which results in enhanced productivity and profitability. “Our cloud solution integrates everything an agency needs to run an agency in the cloud, on the ground, and in-between,” says Fetty.

Additionally, SMART I.T. facilitates a backup and disaster recovery solution that aids rapid restoration of system data. One of myAGENCY Cloud’s distinctive feature–a reverse backup to the agency–creates a local, physical backup at an agency to give agencies complete control over their organization’s cloud data and to allow them to continue operating in the event when internet access is cutoff.

Our cloud solution integrates everything an agency needs to run an agency in the cloud, on the ground, and in-between

In addition to its cloud solution, SMART I.T. also offers agencies a slate of other technology services.

• MySalesResults, an insurance sales management system that allows sales managers and principals to measure the sales performance of producers and departments throughout their agency.
• MyMobile Security platform empowers producers and other employees with secure access to an agency’s cloud from anywhere, on any device.
• SMART I.T. also delivers managed services, web filtering and firewall, VoIP systems, strategic IT assessments, and CIO consulting services. In addition, the company offers email encryption and security tools to help with compliance.

Insurance agencies approach SMART I.T. to help them replace their server infrastructure with an all-in-one cloud platform. During the process of expansion and acquisition, agencies prefer moving to cloud solution to leverage agile and scalable growth opportunities. As all the cloud servers and solutions are monitored from outside of the agency, agents can realize reduced cost of management and maintenance, with reduced down-time. Being an agency Strategic Solution Provider (SSP), SMART I.T. handles the hassles of merging variant agency systems to make them work together.

In an industry that is subject to changing market scenario and competition, SMART I.T.’s deep acumen and ability to provide comprehensive cloud solution stand out as its key differentiating factors. “Our extensive knowledge of agents’ needs is reflective in everything we develop and integrate,” concludes Fetty.

SMART I.T. Services

Sterling Heights, MI

Jerry Fetty, Founder & CEO

Facilitates agile and secure cloud solutions and services for independent insurance agencies

SMART I.T. Services