Smart Strategy: Customizable Platform to Improve Business Efficiencies

Arturo Arrea, CEO
As the market is changing at a rapid speed, companies are in need of flexible business management platforms that will be contemporary. Most of the organizations use thousands of Excel spreadsheets to hold and share valuable information for decision making, which turns into data silos that create fragmentation. Headquartered in Costa Rica, Smart Strategy’s passion is to offer NetSuite platform to manage the business operations that is adaptable for all the companies. With the traits of being a Gyrocopter pilot, Arturo Arrea, CEO of Smart Strategy uses the same agility and ability to monitor gauges and indicators in the cockpit to run backlogs, key performance indicators, and focus on market changes. “I run my business the same way I fly my copter,” exclaims Arrea.

As a partner of NetSuite, Smart Strategy offers NetSuite solutions that automate all elements of the business from core ERP to CRM, and e-commerce in cloud based platforms. Using the NetSuite platform, the company creates different solutions and builds tools that are optimized to the client’s requirements. “Along with NetSuite ERP, we provide tools from marketing and accounting to CRM solutions, and we are very good at connecting them to various business software systems,” explains Arrea.

Smart Strategy strives to understand the client’s requirements and offers solutions that are both functional and proficient. “NetSuite brings value to our company since they provide a flexible platform through which we can customize and satisfy all the needs of our clients,” remarks Arrea. Smart Strategy offers a custom designed NetSuite platform that satisfies the demands and takes business knowledge to the next level. “Our core focus is on process optimization and being able to adapt to our client’s system,” says Arrea.

For instance, one of Smart Strategy’s automotive dealer clients had an ERP platform that was not well-implemented—a great amount of the sales and reservation processes were managed in thousands of Excel spreadsheets. This created errors in understanding several sources of information which resulted in desperate decision making.
Smart Strategy analyzed the process-flows and identified the imbalance between processes and systems and then integrated Net- Suite ERP platform to extract data from the working stages of the client’s ERP. A new NetSuite platform was constructed around the existing ERP to address the areas that were not functioning properly. The tool was molded according to the client’s requirement which ensured that all departments of the company were on the same page with optimized processes.

NetSuite brings value to our company since they provide a flexible platform through which we can customize to the requirements of our clients

Another recognized real estate developer client of Smart Strategy had similar problems with their ERP platforms. Smart Strategy analyzed business processes and identified the gaps between processes and systems and proposed new processes considering the benefits of NetSuite ERP platform. The new platform reduced reconciliations between departments and increased visibility in sales process.

Understanding client’s process is a priority for Smart Strategy. With teams spread across various countries—Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain— Smart Strategy functions as a virtual team. “This allows us to react fast and locally to assist our clients offering support in the same time zone and regular visits,” says Arrea. The company’s major differentiating factor is that they work as ‘Business-for-Business’ rather than ‘Business-to-Business’. “We follow three principles—reduce cost, increase revenue, and reduce the risk for the client,” comments Arrea.

Moving forward, “The plan is to pursue the current strategy of the way we do business. We bring in the trends, implement big projects, and then we become a part of their teams and guide them as their trusted advisors. That’s the strategy we follow for our growth,” concludes Arrea.

Smart Strategy

San Jose, Costa Rica

Arturo Arrea, CEO

Offers NetSuite solutions that automate all elements of the business from core ERP to CRM, and e-commerce in cloud based platforms