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Robert Doucette, President, and Owner; Eddie Steelman, Owner/Director of Sales & Marketing
A good documentation trail and good content will help you down the road with unexpected liability.” -- David Lewis, American philosopher.

Living by Lewis’s words can help organizations reduce operational costs, especially those heavily reliant on documents for day-to-day business processes. Whether offline or online, these documents carry many unstructured data, which, if streamlined, can optimize resource use. It is a no-brainer that efficacious document management is key to streamlining data and enhancing productivity. The challenge, however, lies in sourcing intelligent document management.

That’s where Smart Technologies is making a difference.

Smart Technologies streamlines the flow of unstructured data via documents with its Smart Suite of applications. “Our focus is to identify and reduce the bottlenecks within an organization to help them maximize their business,” says Robert Doucette, President and Owner of Smart Technologies. The hurdles can be as tangible as infrastructure constraints or intangible as the organization’s culture. Whatever the reason, the team at Smart Technologies is adept at ensuring information mobility throughout the organization by capturing documents, transforming them based on content, and managing them at one central location using the Smart Suite of solutions.

Smart Suite is aimed at helping organizations stop printing and decrease the bottleneck that arises when documents leave the structured form of digital data. It has four prominent applications: Smart Tracker, Smart Portal, Smart Buy, and Smart Ware. Smart Tracker provides insight by tracking printed documents and their data points to help uncover opportunities to improve the business workflow. An organization can also manage and maintain its networked devices via Smart Portal. If an issue occurs, Smart Technologies’ team is alerted within the portal and provides real help, right now. Smart Buy takes the ambiguity out of matching the right equipment for the right project, based on the key indicators uncovered during the client deep dive conducted.
The last application, Smart Ware integrates with existing applications within an organization's workflow to manage all business-critical documents and information within a single source of truth.

This solution is equipped with AI to read all documents, making them searchable, eliminating redundant items such as copies of printed documents, enabling team collaboration on a single document, and other robust features to aid remote or hybrid work environments.

This is important for organizations for whom the paper is ubiquitous—such as a health services organization that empowers the mentally challenged. While the organization excelled at teaching life skills to mentally-challenged people, their payment and reporting process was lengthy and a challenge for their trainers. Each trainer would visit the client’s location, document their lesson and progress on paper, get a sign-off from the client, go back to the office, upload the status, and then file the service for payment from Medicare. The entire payment process would take one to three months. To solve the challenge and make the process efficient, Smart Technologies applied its content management solution by

Our focus is to identify and reduce the bottlenecks within an organization to help them maximize their business

1. Creating a system that allowed the client to capture the trainer’s lesson visit and data, obtain authorization from their patient, submit the report to the central billing department and automatically transmit the claim data to the insurance payer.

2. Eliminating the burden of having the trainer visit the central office and providing a process to submit and receive real-time authorization on the patient visit.

3. Reducing the process turnaround time from 3 months to 3 weeks by automating the workflows between multiple departments without involving 20-30 staff members.

The commitment of employees of Smart Technologies to take ownership of their work for clients has enabled them to deliver similar efficacious solutions for their clients over the years. Each employee is ingrained with the idea that the work they do will have an impact on the client. Hence they own the relationship with the client. This mindset results in a culture where the employees serve the greater good of the client - maximizing business growth.

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Robert Doucette, President, and Owner; Eddie Steelman, Owner/Director of Sales & Marketing

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