SmartAdvocate: Technology-enabled Case Management System

Jerry Parker, CEO
With the proliferation of data and increasingly complex business processes, legal professionals are on the lookout for a technology-enabled case management solution that eliminates the burdensome process of sifting through pile of papers, notes, and memos, followed by hours of constructing reports, to run a litigation firm.

“Despite using computer-based case management systems, our firm needed an advanced solution that would help us manage information regarding recent activities, critical deadlines, and other vital data concerning the thousands of cases, as well as ease the communication between my firm, clients, and co-counsel,” says Jerry Parker, founder and CEO, SmartAdvocate. Parker has been successfully practicing plaintiff’s personal injury law for his entire career. Over a period five years, he developed a fully integrated case management system, SmartAdvocate. “Originally designed exclusively for personal injury and mass tort litigation practices, it is now in widespread use by litigation firms of all sizes and types.”

It is a comprehensive platform in which all documents and case information is stored, organized, and easily accessed, and in which all pertinent activities, including document creation, emailing and calendaring, is performed and recorded. “More and more law firms have been telling us they need remote accessibility, particularly from mobile devices. They need to work on their case files while traveling, waiting in court or from home,” Arnie Baum, COO, SmartAdvocate. Through their platform, clients are able to access the system from any location with an internet connection. “We have just launched the cloud version of SmartAdvocate and it too, of course, is accessible remotely.” Available in two feature levels, SmartAdvocate Cloud offers more functionality than other cloud based case management systems. They also developed an iPhone/iPad app for greater accessibility.

“The strength of SmartAdvocate lies in the breadth and depth of features it contains. Our document generation engine is just one of many powerful, time saving aspects of the system,” notes Baum.

The strength of SmartAdvocate lies in the breadth and depth of features it contains

For their clients, SmartAdvocate is the focal point for all case information and activity, with over a dozen software integrations, including emailing and text messaging. Incorporating an extensive amount of automation, the platform utilizes a built-in document template generation engine that is synced with Word and powered by nearly 2,000 merge codes. The merge codes automatically populate the document fields with the relevant information from a case, thus allowing clients to create and store the same document with just two clicks instead of copying and pasting information into a form.

The extensive lists of reports in SmartAdvocate provide extensive metrics on many aspects of a firm’s practice. For instance, when one client was able to trace the effectiveness of their case intake department. They found out that when they first implemented SmartAdvocate, they had no idea what percentage of their intakes resulted in client sign ups. “The first year they began tracking the data in SmartAdvocate, their conversion rate was less than 65 percent. The second year it improved to 77 percent. It was at 87 percent the next year and has been over 90 percent every year since,” notes Baum.

With Parker’s creative force continuously taking SmartAdvocate to greater heights, the firm today focuses on improvising their product with new features, which law firms normally do not see in a cloud-based system. “We have the structure of the basic case management system, but we work with and listen to each unique client in order to create something unique that meets their individual needs. We also have some big plans for later in 2017,” he concludes.


Bonita Springs, FL

Jerry Parker, CEO and Arnie Baum, COO, Igor Selizhuk, CTO

Provides a fully integrated case management system designed for personal injury, mass tort and other litigation practices