SMARTcare Software: Reinventing Home Care Through Technology and Human Connection

Scott Zielski, CEO & William Mattle, COO
Healthcare and life care are moving out of facilities and into the home. Enhanced care outcomes, convenience, and affordability are the prime reasons families prefer home care to hospitals and residential facilities. Moreover, the COVID-19 outbreak has proven that home is the safest place to be, especially for aging seniors. This movement of care into the home has led to an ever-increasing demand for home care providers. Even before the pandemic, the need for caregivers was expected to grow by over 40% in the next four years. Now, it is expected that the demand will grow at a much greater pace. Unfortunately, finding and keeping good caregivers is an ever-present challenge within the home care industry, with turnover rates that average over 80%! That means for every five caregivers, an agency hires only one stay.

One of the greatest factors impacting job satisfaction is the disconnected workflow systems and volumes of care documentation that caregivers are required to maintain. These systems pull caregivers away from the reason they became caregivers in the first place, to care for seniors and those with disabilities. For agency owners and managers, managing the schedule of caregivers with turnover, this high becomes a daily exercise of frustration and futility.

The rapidly accelerating growth in the demand for home care calls for the introduction of new methodologies for care providers to increase caregiver retention and improve outcomes. Providers are seeking comprehensive, modern scheduling systems to streamline workflow, automate documentation, increase the efficiency of caregivers, all while allowing caregivers to do what they do best, caring for their clients—making the human connection to ensure better care and outcomes.

SMARTcare is solving these challenges with a comprehensive cloud-based scheduling platform that helps home care providers to enhance caregiver workflow, increase caregiver and client engagement, and better manage their agencies to ultimately improve the patient-caregiver experience. Built by caregivers, for caregivers, the platform optimizes caregiver operations proactively and gives homecare providers continuous visibility and deep insights across their care network. “Using Machine Learning, we created an innovative scheduling solution for home care, SMARTcare connects the continuum of care through mobile apps that seamlessly enable the home care agency to engage with the patient, family, and caregiver,” mentions Scott Zielski, CEO of SMARTcare.

SMARTcare leverages the latest digital technology, including AI, automation, and interoperability, to improve care and deliver an unmatched user experience. With its solutions, powered by SMARTcare’s Intelligent Enterprise Platform, the company provides a full suite of offerings with mobile applications, customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, electronic visit verification, invoicing, billing, claims processing, payroll, HR, and caregiver optimization tools and analytics, all tailored for the home care agency.

Built to ensure quality care outcomes, SMARTcare is helping caregivers to conduct their duties effectively in these unprecedented times by being the first platform in the home care industry to release a COVID-19 Toolset.

As a smart scheduling software platform, SMARTcare enables a continuum of care through mobile applications that seamlessly enable the home care agency to engage with the patient, their family and caregivers

Available to anyone at no charge, the COVID-19 Toolset houses resources to monitor, manage exposure risk, and improve safety through symptom checks for caregivers, as well as patients. It has features to identify caregivers indicating symptoms, track isolation time frames, and manage contact tracing with agency staff, caregivers, and clients. Providers stay informed about the activity of field staff and caregivers with real-time automated alerts.

SMARTcare’s mobile apps enable effective communication between families and care agencies. The app gives the care team and office staff real-time access to schedules, care plans, route details, time tracking, and documentation. Also, SMARTcare’s loyalty tools, as well as other proprietary capabilities, give its agency customers a competitive edge in recruiting and retaining their team. Using the SMARTcare platform, SMARTcare customers see caregiver retention rates to increase 2 to 3 times the home care industry average. To this end, William Mattle, COO at SMARTcare, quotes, “We have built the system with HIPAA compliant communication protocols and machine learning that align the right caregiver to the right patient optimizing client and family satisfaction scores.”

What differentiates SMARTcare from more generic scheduling software solutions is their belief that the relationship between caregiver and patient is the key to positive user experiences. Client and family satisfaction is a fundamental basis for home care provider success. In this regard, Zielski states, “At SMARTcare, it is not only about the software, but it is also about the human connection that matters the most for home care.”

SMARTcare is highly configurable and customizable, providing a dedicated resources team for each customer when they sign up with the SMARTcare platform. Using the SMARTcare system, one of the company’s clients, an Orlando based agency, grew by a factor of 10X over 18 months. The company scaled efficiently without needing to add any additional back-office resources, proving the power of the inbuilt functionalities of SMARTcare.

Being robust, agile, and quickly adaptable is what makes SMARTcare a leading choice for home care agencies. The company’s response to COVID-19 is a perfect example that exhibits the organization’s ability to rapidly respond to help care providers manage a drastic situation better. “We were founded on the notion of having a duty towards our parents and grandparents to ensure that they can age with dignity, with access to the best care delivered at home. It is our responsibility to meet their needs and provide them with comfort, convenience, and safety. With everything that we do at SMARTcare, we are going forward with that mission,” concludes Mattle.

SMARTcare Software News

SMARTcare Software Raises Additional Venture Investment to Accelerate Growth

SMARTcare Software, the leading cloud-based point-of-care platform for home care providers, announced today additional venture investment to continue to advance its technology that improves caregiver/client outcomes.

EAU CLAIRE - SMARTcare Software, Inc., today announced completion of its latest funding round led by the Idea Fund and Rock River Capital with participation from Pablo Capital, MUKC Fund I, and the Chippewa Valley Angels Investment Network. The additional investment will further support SMARTcare's transformative home care software platform as the company continues its market expansion with its leadership role in caregiver engagement.

"We are passionate about empowering home care providers with more strategic, proactive, and productive tools to help them improve healthcare outcomes," said Scott Zielski, CEO of SMARTcare Software. "We are thrilled by the overwhelming support we have seen for SMARTcare and the acknowledgment by our new financial partners of the opportunity before us. This funding will further accelerate our growth and drive continued investment in our innovative platform solutions that improve the quality of home care."

SMARTcare is bringing innovation to the home care market with SMARTcare's cloud based (SaaS) end-to-end home care business automation solutions allowing providers to manage their entire business operations from any device. Using SMARTcare's real-time insights home care agencies are better serving their clients and caregivers, improving the overall home care engagement as well as both client and caregiver satisfaction.

"SMARTcare has had impressive traction in the home care market solving some of the biggest provider challenges with new ideas and unique software solutions," said Chris Eckstrom, Partner at Rock River Capital. "SMARTcare is well positioned to transform the home care industry right as the demand for care is growing exponentially offering a powerful technology platform to enable delivery of better care. Home care is being recognized as the key to lowering the overall cost of healthcare while simultaneously ensuring better quality and improved outcomes. We are pleased to be part of SMARTcare's vision of improving home care through one-of-a-kind client and caregiver engagement experiences."

SMARTcare Software was founded by former healthcare technology and home care professionals. SMARTcare uses technology to organize, optimize, and drive best practices for agencies and providers delivering care within the home while improving outcomes and satisfaction. The system is a fully integrated caregiver, financial, and business intelligence solution that provides tools to help build and track new clients, manage homecare operations and ensure compliance and care quality for home care providers, caregivers and agency leadership.

SMARTcare Software

Eau Claire, WI

Scott Zielski, CEO & William Mattle, COO

SMARTcare Software provides an enterprise-level business automation solution for home healthcare that helps deliver better care, improve patient outcomes and increase caregiver retention. SMARTcare’s cloud-based scheduling platform enables a continuum of care through system applications that seamlessly engage the home care agency with the family and caregiver to coordinate the clients or patients care needs. Built by caregivers, for caregivers, SMARTcare delivers a complete solution designed by a team that knows home care to save time and improve client or patient satisfaction

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