SmartGridCIS: Actionable Tactics And Solutions Perks Up Deliverables

John Bastian, President
SmartGridCIS, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, is the pioneer in prepaid energy billing and customer communications solutions. The firm helps its clients to reduce costs by improving the risk management of non-paying customers and lowering customers’ cost to service the high maintenance customer base.

The firm focuses on client growth, innovation and efficiency by blending a unique mix of energy consulting, application development, implementation and support expertise. The company develops actionable strategies and solutions to improve client performance, strengthen competitive advantage, and assist our customers in improving asset utilization. Moreover, the firm’s policies minimize back office costs and accelerate cash flow. SmartGridCIS solution provides end-user utility customers and management decision-makers with a fully scalable, flexible solution that is easy to integrate, deploy and customize.
SmartGridCIS’ pre-paid and time-based system is the next generation utility billing platform.

The solution can deploy as a 100 percent stand-alone turnkey solution and it provides billing information to customers electronically. SmartGridCIS delivers a platform for standardized connectivity and seamless integration to any utility's existing CIS infrastructure. It is designed for regulated utilities, retail energy companies, municipalities and cooperatives alike.

SmartGridCIS understands the differences between each business and have built the platform utilizing smart metering infrastructure for all types of utilities. SmartGridCIS provides retail marketers and regulated utilities alike, with a fully automated, robust solution for managing advanced pay billing, customer communications, and customer account management.


Alpharetta, GA

John Bastian, President

The pioneer in prepaid energy billing and customer communications solutions.