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Blaž Golob, CEO & Partner
With the evolving technology, cities are aspiring to become urban clusters with smooth transportation, e-governance, and better social infrastructure, including healthcare and education. However, often the gap between the CIOs and city’s top leadership remains as an obstacle due to the difference in understanding the possible outcomes derived from the smart city development process. SmartIScity, headquartered in Slovenia, connects all the elements of a city to empower city managers and citizens through its SmartCityPlatform. “We bridge the gap and manage city development by educating and training, analyzing and consulting, and finally, implementing our customized solutions,” says Blaž Golob, CEO and Partner, SmartIScity.

To develop a smart city, it is significant to know about the assets of the city and how to manage them efficiently. “A successfully managed smart city aims to optimize the usage of its assets to support the needs of people,” says Golob. This enhances the city revenue and the quality of life, thereby, attracting investments for further development. A good example of attracting “green economy investments” are Ljubljana European Green Capital 2016 projects. For ensuring healthy management of real estate, SmartIScity offers tools through the SmartCityPlatform and experienced industry consultants to improve the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This is only one aspect of a smart city development. The other core elements include energy, mobility, and water. The company prioritizes on these elements and enables swift operation of services like education, economy, safety, health, and social activities.

The administrators of cities deploying SmartCityPlatform can also optimize their budgets and key development projects by utilizing S/Budget, S/ Project and S/Voice—the company’s core solutions. The S/Budget solution can be used to plan budgets while considering the priorities and goals to be achieved in the financial year. Using it, the budgets of previous years can be reviewed and compared. S/Project enables the administrations to plan and monitor the implementations of projects, meanwhile, monitoring the investments made into the project.

A successfully managed smart city aims to optimize the usage of its assets to support the needs of people

For proper management of projects and planning budgets, a healthy communication between the government professionals and the citizens is necessary. S/Voice fills the communication gap and provides a portal for the citizens to share their ideas with the administration for improvement of the city.

Since its inception, the company has been helping cities to be successful by identifying and carefully resolving specific and key developmental challenges. For instance, the wider administrative county of the Dubrovnik region, Croatia, that is managing the area of 22 local authorities, uses our SmartCityPlatform to focus on key development projects and investment opportunities for the whole region," says Golob. “Our SmartCityPlatform enabled the administration to focus on addressing key development issues and define the common development projects and investment opportunities for the whole region,” says Golob.

With the SmartCityPlatform guiding cities towards a brighter future, the SmartIScity’s strategies lie in offering a comprehensive approach to addressing city issues, support them with their innovative solutions, and broaden their knowledge base network to an international level. SmartIScity today aims to expand geographically with its smart city governance platform. While focusing on expansion, the company also concentrates on implementing big data analytics to its solutions. The firm’s digital tools enrich data and create a new value addition of IoT for cities and people. “To perform better and expand globally, we focus to serve various markets in Europe, US, and Latin America in the coming years,” concludes Golob.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Blaž Golob, CEO & Partner

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