smarTTrade Technologies: End-to end Multi-Asset-trading solution- Systems Provider

David Vincent, Co-Founder & CEO
Market reforms are challenging financial institutions. One factor is driving the need for electronification in conjunction with time-to-market becoming a critical factor. The process of multi-asset trading that is executed on different systems and platforms is testing firms in their ability to gain exposure at the lowest price point thus ensuring best execution across portfolios. Realizing the strong need for a single consolidated platform that would improve, trading, risk management and execution quality for banks, David Vincent, and Harry Gozlan founded smarTTrade Technologies. “At that time we could see the Financial Services need to organize liquidity and we commoditized upon it,” says David Vincent, CEO, SmarTTrade Technologies.

The first software offering borne from this union was a matching engine which evolved into LMS (Liquidity Management System), a highly intuitive and scalable platform that aggregates, compares and distills, internal andexternal liquidity into one easy view, then re-distributing it.

“Our core product LMS, a proven industry solution used by Tier 1 banks was expanded upon to create tailored asset specific vertical solutions; LiquidityFX and smart-FI, each platform addresses key criteria of that market and trading needs,” says Vincent. Both platforms were created and developed in close collaboration with a number of leading industry players, thereby ensuring maximum deliverables within an innovative, smart solution.

LiquidityFX has been in production for a few years, whilst smart-FI was launched in 2014. “smart-FI helps clients refresh their Fixed Income infrastructure, quickly and efficiently,” says Vincent. “With the unique capabilities of smart-FI, organizations can control both, time-to-market and cost of new deployments. The platform is instrumental in meeting institutions fixed income infra¬structure needs,” he adds. The solution allows institutions to connect to the markets and easily customize their flows using a combination of built-in features and standard based APIs, while taking advantage of the HTML5 technology.

It is easy for a financial organization to accumulate multiple technical platforms/ systems from different vendors.
The challenge is the rationalization and efficiency around the cost of technology. And so with the customer in mind, smarTTrade Technologies launched their Cloud offering in 2012.

“Our Managed Service offering is based on a Private Cloud, so that implementation and time to market is virtually instant and highly secure, plus easy to adapt, allowing companies to by-pass any legacy infrastructure. The Private Cloud also ensures proper SLA management, adhering to stringent market regulations,” says Vincent. “We make sure that our platform (and any addition) is both agile and affordable.”

The company helps Tier 1 & Tier 2 banks, nationally and internationally, along with brokers, and the buy side (clients include HSBC, RBS, Nomura, Citi, First Gulf Bank, Commerzbank, London Capital Group, SBI, and CMC). As an example, Vincent proudly declares that smarTTrade is the sole technology partner for FXSpotStream, a multi-bank owned consortium providing the technology and infrastructure that facilitates a multi-bank API and GUI to route trades from clients to liquidity providers. “Our business offering is clear, transparent and effective,” he adds.

smart-FI is instrumental in terms of leading fixed income practitionersto streamline their infrastructure thereby delivering cost efficiencies, speed to market and regulatory adherence

“The right combination of; people, ideas and innovation has driven smarTTrade to success,” states Vincent. The company believes in maintaining a close relationship with its customers creating a synthesis for innovation. Moving ahead, smarTTrade aims to develop its product offering and expand upon its seamless intuitive platform, delivering for all market players, regardless of business and size. “We plan to continue giving our clients the possibility to re-use skills and reduce cost without compromising on asset specific functionalities,” concludes Vincent.

smarTTrade Technologies

New York, NY

David Vincent, Co-Founder & CEO and Harry Gozlan, Founder & Executive Chairman

Provides sophisticated liquidity management systems which enables banks to develop multi-asset dealing platforms.