SmartVault: Bolstering Business Growth through Integrated Document Management and File Sharing

Eric Pulaski, CEO
When Eric Pulaski founded SmartVault in 2007, he was aware businesses had enough applications and that introducing stand-alone apps would lead clients to get bogged down by the number of applications they need for managing their accounting software, CRM systems, and workflow tools. Instead of building another separate document management and file sharing tool that would create more document silos, Pulaski’s vision was to put document management inside popular business applications. Using cloud-based technology, SmartVault delivers a central document management system built specifically for business users, where documents can be accessed securely right from a browser, any mobile device or directly from inside popular business productivity applications. It’s the ‘from inside any application’ capability that sets SmartVault apart. No one on the market today is approaching document management in the way SmartVault is—by integrating these capabilities right inside applications.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, SmartVault provides online document storage and secure file sharing solutions to accounting professionals and business customers. The company’s cloud-based solution offers features built for business, advanced security permissions and seamless integration via the patented SmartVault ‘Toolbar’ inside leading SMB accounting applications.

“One thing that is really exciting about SmartVault is the ability to drop a document in one app in our ecosystem and access that same document from another app,” he remarks. “A sales person could attach a contract to a customer record in their CRM system, and the accountant could access that same contract from the customer record in the accounting application. Documents no longer live in silos—and can be accessed by the right people, right from the apps they are already using.”

SmartVault’s Software Developer Kit (SDK), has a set of open APIs that allows other application developers to use SmartVault as an integrated document management solution within their application.

With our patented Toolbar, we bring seamlessly integrated document management inside small business applications, providing centralized document storage and secure file sharing for all of your files

SmartVault has built a strong reputation in the accounting vertical, but is also a great solution for the paper-heavy markets that have similar services-based models to accountants–construction, medical, and legal. These industries have the need to store lot of paper files, manage and share documents with a distributed workforce, and streamline their workflow with regard to storing and sharing files securely.

Root & Associates is a key customer of SmartVault that brainstormed a new plan to capture the physician market by approaching hospitals. DarrenRoot, President of Root & Associates said, “We explained to CFOs how our firm could help centralize and streamline accounting for all medical groups under hospital management along with a paperless accounting process.” To support this pitch, Root developed a custom solution for the client, made up of leading technologies that enabled a paperless and efficient online workflow. SmartVault was a core component of this solution.

“We could not have captured these clients without SmartVault. Integration with hosted QuickBooks and the ability to easily set up a document management system for multiple groups was the key in winning this account,” Root stated.

Going forward, SmartVault will continue integrating with more productivity apps to deliver on its vision of putting SmartVault “Inside” their customers’ favorite apps.


Houston, TX

Eric Pulaski, CEO

Provides online document storage and secure file sharing solutions to accounting professionals and business customers.