Snagajob: Helping Hospitality Businesses Build and Manage Their Workforces

Jason Conrad, Senior Director, Marketing
With increased pressure to differentiate through a memorable customer experience, the hospitality industry relies heavily on its human capital to achieve competitive advantage. However, with a high rate of employee turnover, hospitality organizations struggle to maintain optimum staffing levels. In this difficult situation, the talent-strapped industry hires transitional and non-permanent staff to plug-in holes through the critical resource crunch. Amidst this decreasing supply for hourly workers, Snagajob, America’s #1 network for hourly workers and employers, is challenging the status quo. Through its 80-million strong hourly network and software suite of recruiting, hiring and employee management solutions, Snagajob propels hospitality professionals forward by helping them find and share work in their communities.

“We are a recruiting, hiring and employee management platform with focus on the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries,” states Jason Conrad Senior Director, Marketing, Snagajob. Snagajob creates instant and quality connections with more than 80 million registered job seekers and 300,000 employer locations on a daily basis. Further, the company helps employers build the workforces they need through recruitment advertising, employer branding, applicant sourcing, hiring and compliance. Snagajob’s user-friendly, mobile enabled interface makes it easy for employers to recruit, screen, hire and manage their staff to deliver an excellent customer experience.

“Snagajob’s approach to building products is focused on how hospitality employees prefer to work, which is mobile, and allows employers to use the platform anywhere, anytime, which is what they require,” says Conrad. Following the recruitment process, Snagajob provides an on boarding workflow that helps employers adhere to hiring compliances through background checks, work opportunity tax credit processing and completion of any required forms that are company, job or location specific. Furthermore, Snagajob has tools for performance management that help employers evaluate their teams to ensure they are able to communicate ways to improve. The platform also helps hourly workers sign-up for job alerts through the Snagajob mobile app, available in both the iOS Store and Google Play. Snagajob connects hourly workers with employers to help companies build the workforces that they need, with HR tech solutions that can be integrated with the hospitality firm’s existing workforce technology.

Our mobile sourcing, hiring, training, scheduling, and performance management tools drive results for single-location operators across the restaurant, retail, hospitality and healthcare industries

In a strategic partnership with Google, Snagajob not only posts jobs within its own network, but also within the new Google search widget that helps with job search. Snagajob is also optimizing employer career pages to provide employer branding solutions and SEO optimization for Google. To optimize its hiring workflow and integrate their recruitment platform within the customer’s existing HR eco-system, Snagajob recently acquired PeopleMatter, enabling hospitality companies to take advantage of enterprise-grade recruiting, on boarding and talent management solutions. The company is currently integrating the best of both products to deliver the premier recruiting and employee management platform available in the market.

Snagajob’s recruiting platform adds over one million restaurant, retail and hospitality users to the network each month representing about one in two hourly job seekers. With a goal to help people build their work or workforce wherever and whenever they want, Snagajob is on a path of constant innovation. To provide further reach in its solutions for customers, Snagajob is preparing to expand internationally in 2018. The company also plans to open the platform to third-party vendors with the launch of a partner integration marketplace, focused on enabling customers with a platform that fits within their existing HR tech ecosystem. The next big release from Snagajob is a new talent analytics dashboard to show employers the ROI of their recruitment marketing investments, including how well applicants convert through the funnel from each source. Snagajob is well-equipped to make change in the lives of people inside the hospitality tribe - both workers and employers.


Arlington, VA

Jason Conrad, Senior Director, Marketing and Peter Harrison, CEO

Focuses on creating quality connections through Snagajob marketplace and PeopleMatter with an end-to-end platform of talent and workforce management solutions