In an increasingly hosted digital age, your options for mission critical solutions are becoming restricted. Most providers offer their software as a service without a choice for outright purchasing. These are available as named seats only, limiting access for organizations who also need concurrent options. Everything must be stored in the cloud, neglecting customers who prefer to run their own secure servers and storage options. Many purchasing managers or IT personnel have increasing trouble finding solutions flexible enough for their unique scenario, or the organization suffers when compromising.

“The latest version of Computhink’s Enterprise Content Management solution, Contentverse 2020, is an exception. Computhink provides highly secure implementation options with multiple choices of secure client access, mission critical application integration, and secure access for a wide range of business environments. No organization in need of a versatile, easy-to-use ECM has to settle for less,” says Rajesh Ramachandran, the Computhink Vice President of Product Engineering.

Hosted, On-Premise, and Hybrid Environments

Solution providers market cloud services, but several industries’ regulatory requirements prohibit their use. Sensitive government and/or customer data cannot be kept in multi-tenancy servers. Security measures require closed networks with no internet access, which makes external hosted environments untenable. On the flip side, there are several verticals that benefit from cloud storage and file management. Contentverse can be deployed in hosted,on-premise, and/or hybrid environments. The hybrid deployment option opens up a wide variety of deployed, hosted and on-premise, server/ services, storage, and database options. This gives customers versatility, opening availability to virtually every industry. With Contentverse 2020’s new Enterprise Online client, users experience full functionality via a streamlined, responsive interface, no matter from which browser they access it. With the option to leverage SSL encryption for web clients, accessing Contentverse over the internet is more secure than ever.

Computhink’s Enterprise Content Management solution Contentverse is an exception. Computhink provides highly secure implementation options with multiple choices of secure client access, mission critical application integration, and secure access for a wide range of business environments. No organization in need of a versatile, easy-to-use ECM has to settle for less

SaaS and Purchasing Options

Computhink offers customers implementations with named seats, concurrent seats, or a combination of both. For institutions with document access for multiple users at single workstations or for semi-public access, this flexibility is invaluable. Some software service providers will talk customers into seats they don’t need. A diverse license offering ensures that the system deployed fits the customer’s unique specifications.

The SaaS model is not always sustainable, and it does not give users ownership of their copy of the product. Computhink offers purchasing options, plain and simple. Customers can buy the software outright or avail extended payment terms, owning Contentverse from the point of sale and continuing ownership after they have completed payments.

Storage, Integration, and Connectivity

Regardless of where the files are stored, the bandwidth, internet connection, and file size play major roles in a solution’s speed and efficiency. These can change based on the server services, database, and storage location(s). Taking into account the users’ operational roles and needs is critical when assessing these limitations. Contentverse 2020’s High Compression PDF technology can reduce PDF files to a manageable size, free up valuable storage space, and most importantly optimize file transfer speeds. Complementing this feature functionality, Contentverse can extend this to other mission critical apps utilizing existing integrations and the SDK toolkit.
Learning the Solution

Even with onboarding, there is no one-size-fits-all. In addition to options for in-person training, Computhink offers customers access to the Contentverse Knowledge Center (CKC), a portal for end users and administrators to learn how to manage Contentverse and use its core features. The CKC provides various pathways made up of video courses and interactive assessments – customers get a hands-on, in-depth education. Depending on the modules selected, user level, and company needs, customers can tailor their CKC experience to suit their setup.

Secure Access

In recent years it has become obvious that, without the right systems in place, data breaches and ransomware will have a field day even with enterprise filing structures. A company that wants to protect its information needs to invest in the right content management. Contentverse’s user permissions govern who in the company sees what files, and a dedicated security manager can limit the breadth of administrative oversight to tighten access. With Contentverse 2020’s Content Sentinel, users can give controlled access of select documents to those outside of the system, allowing for sharing while maintaining absolute security.

Content Services

Computhink’s ECM is not industry-specific or department-specific, because it is easily tailored to fit the needs of all customers. Offering a wide range of Content Service Platform options, the Computhink team will continue to adapt to customer needs.


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