Snapp: Stimulating Collaborative Healthcare Practice

Matt Weismiller, Founder & CEO
Given his string of entrepreneurial roles in large healthcare organizations, for Matt Weismiller, it was a natural step to develop a solution to enhance teamwork and productivity in healthcare organizations. Snapp was born as a result of his and co-founder Dr. Barton Sachs’ efforts to solve a problem that was not addressed by any other, and the emerging company has made a real difference for hospitals and health practitioners. Snapp offers collaboration between physicians and advanced practice providers via its easy-to-use mobile application that enables flexible and intuitive workflow while significantly improving clinical efficiency, revenue, compliance, and engagement.

The creators of the Snapp solution have designed it with an understanding of both the macro level problems and the issues that occur at the detailed micro level. Weismiller explains the macro problem arising as a result of catering to the baby boomer demographic amid an increasing shortage of caregivers. Whereas, the opportunity for Snapp to solve the problem on the micro level lies in enhancing the way teams work together by offering multiple and contextual means for them to communicate effectively.

Snapp also paves the way for simplified documentation by enabling physicians to capture the work done more efficiently, through its mobile application. The platform also has a set of “checks” that provides effective compliance support and analytics; data generated by Snapp’s proprietary decision engines during this process is stored in the client’s EHR as well as Snapp’s hosted database. Further, supporting optimal team utilization becomes easy as every work detail is recorded in the platform. An integrated and secure solution of all these capabilities is Snapp, a unique collaboration and productivity platform that simplifies work, resulting in better ROI.

Our tool is focused on the workflow between physicians and the advanced providers that work with them

Yet another unique feature of the Snapp solution is the “sling,” a powerful collaboration tool that allows instant reallocation of active tasks to any other team member for review or completion. Typically, this type of work exchange to drive optimal team utilization is inefficient due to the lack of efficient tools to communicate and share all the floating information. Snapp enables not just efficient communication, but also makes available the clinical context that is required.

In addition, Snapp automates the best practices around compliance and then captures the resulting information, providing an auditable trail for single encounters or entire institutions. Snapp also provides a complete package of training, both online and on-site, to effectively support both go-live and ongoing operations.

From enhanced record-keeping with EHRs to mobile applications that patients use to track their progress, the technology landscape around healthcare has been gathering momentum. But gaps remain, especially in the collaboration space. Snapp’s mission is to continue to develop more robust collaboration tools that will enable care teams to perform at their full potential. “Right now, our tool is focused on the workflow between physicians and the advanced providers that directly work with them. The care team, in reality, is broader than just two individuals and we intend to add other classes of care providers onto the team in the future,” concludes Weismiller.


Charleston, SC

Matt Weismiller, Founder & CEO

Snapp software solution coordinates the workflow of physicians and advanced practice providers