SnatchBot: Free and Accelerated Chatbot Adoption

Henri Ben Ezra, CEO
Customer service interactions are often routine in nature, even so, they can take up lot of resources especially in terms of employee hours. And this is where chatbots promise a revolutionary makeover, and not only for customer service. Chatbot use is applicable across a number of verticals, such as sales, hospitality, healthcare, and insurance to name a few. With a ‘first of its kind’ model to accelerate industry-wide adoption of chatbots, Israel-based SnatchBot is offering a revolutionary AI bot builder platform along with an active user community and marketplace.

By gaining free access to SnatchBot’s proprietary bot builder platform, businesses and developers can easily build and monetize intelligent Bots. “We want to revolutionize the scale of chatbot production in order to transform the way people do business. We facilitate large-scale bot production with easy-to-use tools, including NLP with trained models in several languages that require no coding at all. If bot building is to remain at the level of somebody coding, it would stay in a very narrow environment,” says Henri Ben Ezra, CEO of the company. SnatchBot has developed a set of simple and logical instructions that will allow anyone to develop a chatbot. It is all a matter of experimenting with the company’s readily available tools, documentation, and video instructions.

SnatchBot host the first Bot marketplace which can be compared to the “Apple Store” platform, wherein bot enthusiasts, developers, and companies may share the bots they’ve created. Already thousands of chatbots such as translation, e-commerce, issue submission or ticket management, currency exchange, and even lead management have been made and shared in this marketplace. SnatchBot also offers tailor-made bots depending on the needs of its clients, particularly bigger companies. From humble startups with no more than three employees to multinational financial institutions, a broad spectrum of businesses use SnatchBot’s offerings. “Our clients can start with a basic bot very quickly.

We facilitate large-scale bot production with easy-to-use tools that require no coding at all

It is as simple as going to our website, finding the template you need, editing the chatbot to suit your goals and then embedding it on your website or on other channels like Messenger. And, you can add functionalities as the need evolves,” explains Henri.

Meanwhile, when it comes to customer interaction today, messaging apps channels have become prominent, in many cases more so than dedicated webpages. Chatbots built on the SnatchBot platform are automatically set up for handling multiple channels. In other words, a single bot can be utilized across all social networking and messaging interfaces. The company has also built into its bots stringent security features, to such an extent that they are even capable of handling payments. SnatchBot has also laid out smooth dashboards to manage bots and facilitate the collection of data from the conversations. Additionally, the bots can be designed to pass unique and difficult queries to the customer service desk, and alert the human representative with e-mails and SMS. The dashboard also enables the users to analyze each interaction and fine tune the virtual assistant accordingly. Intuitive graphs pertaining to information exchange and the capability to export vital customer information are also supported.

Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing allows the chatbot to understand what users are saying or to analyze the user’s intent.

With a model that has ‘eliminated competition’ from other bot builders, SnatchBot is well aligned to spearhead the inevitable ‘Bot Boom.’ The company has laid out its bot marketplace akin to popular ‘mobile app platforms,’ as one that fosters creative innovations from all sides of the table.


Herzliya, Israel

Henri Ben Ezra, CEO and Avi Ben Ezra, CFO

With a free and crowd-sourced approach to chatbot implementation, SnatchBot has reinvented the way chatbots are adopted by companies