SOASTA: Platform for Complete Load Testing and Real-time Analytics

Tom Lounibos, CEO & Co-Founder
Testing application performance has never been more essential for digital businesses to gain continuous performance insights. Digital business owners and other large brands across the world are now keen on gaining complete visibility into user experience as a major driving force for productivity. In the wake of demand for performance analytics, Tom Lounibos, CEO and Co-founder SOASTA, says that, “It’s a world where milliseconds can add up to millions and a one where performance is everything.” Mountain View, CA headquartered SOASTA, a cloud-based testing provider, through its platform, enables digital business owners with unprecedented, real-time and scalable performance insights into their real user experiences on mobile and web services. SOASTA connects and analyzes an organization’s front-end performance data from every web and mobile user, and correlates this data with clients’ critical business metrics—all in real time.

With over ten million testing operations, SOASTA optimizes customer experiences beyond measuring speed and engagement. Delivering actionable intelligence, the company gives its clients a ‘crystal-clear view’ of the relationship between end-to-end performance, user behavior, and business goals. Acknowledging the fact that today there is no single point of control for information, SOASTA’s proprietary products—mPulse, CloudTest, TouchTest, and DOC, provide testing solutions, linking numerous pieces of information for deeper understanding of customer behavior.

While mPulse provides a holistic insight into the relationship between online performance and real user behavior, CloudTest allows fast and scalable load testing for efficient performance optimization. By seamlessly spanning dozens of global cloud providers and simulating user traffic more accurately, CloudTest, a single interface, makes it easy to test at any scale—global or local. In its long journey in the industry, century old Hallmark leveraged CloudTest to ensure that its online performance is at the same level as its physical stores.
SOASTA assisted Hallmark, the traditional brick and mortar retailer, who needed a mindshare within the online retail and performance space. As an organization that gives utmost priority to customer services, Hallmark learned that website performance reflects the brand image. Having used the CloudTest application, Cheryl Davis, Digital operations Manager, Hallmark, marks that, “A lot of times customers won't come back if they think your site is slow. The inherent savings to our brand in using CloudTest is priceless.”

SOASTA delivers the actionable intelligence a client needs to maximize digital business performance in real time

SAOSTA’s Touch Test measures real user gestures and actions on real devices with precise velocity and location. It accelerates application testing with an automated process enabling a single test to run simultaneously on any number of real devices. DOC, on the other hand, provides a unified view of all aspects of digital performance by allowing access to everyone in the organization to see, share, and act on intelligence, immediately.

With a visionary mission “to improve performance from every angle,” SOASTA’s Professional Services developed a comprehensive set of best practices and methodologies for assessing, monitoring, and optimizing app performance before, during, and after a launch. Lounibos states that, “In the hyper-competitive online marketplace, providing a better customer experience is the only way to win.” Today SOASTA’s large clientele includes Microsoft Office, Huawei, SAP, MSN, and NORDSTROM. By giving a detail insight into the performance of a website or an application, SOASTA’s products and services will continue to enhance business decisions in the coming years.


Mountain View, CA

Tom Lounibos, CEO & Co-Founder

Enables digital business owners to gain unprecedented and continuous performance insights into their real user experience on mobile and web devices–in real time, and at scale.

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