Sofon: Sales Management Visionaries

Paul Kimmel, CEO and Founder
In an effort to improve quotation document quality, prevent margin leakage, and increase end-to-end efficiency in the North American marketplace, Philips, the Dutch multinational technology company was looking for an apt sales management solution provider. Their quest to ‘make it easier for companies to do business with them,’ led them to look to their colleagues in Europe. “Philips’ healthcare division— spread across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland—was already leveraging Sofon for capital investment and sales projection of its Imaging Systems,” mentions Paul Kimmel, the CEO and Founder of Sofon. Observing the benefits that Sofon had delivered to their European counterpart, Philips North America collaborated with them, and the results were astonishing. The implementation team was extremely positive about the development process as the joint development of the Enterprise Product And Lifecycle module (EPAL) led by Sofon gave them great responsiveness to their requirements. Andreas Schuele of the Philips’ healthcare division informs, “80 percent of the requirements were fulfilled at the start of the development and the rest 20 percent was completed by Sofon during the discovery phase. This resulted in the growth of capabilities for us.”

Such examples are a testament to Sofon’s prowess in the sales management space. “2018 marks 20 years of our existence and this has been possible because of the confidence that our clients have shown in us,” says Kimmel. The tremendous journey has enabled Sofon not only to offer a CPQ software but also the rich sales complexity knowledge that the company has garnered over the last two decades, working with organizations from almost every industry. Although the company has gone through many transitions, one factor has remained constant, as Kimmel states, “We like to guide our customers to steer ahead of the competition in the market, and profit from the market dynamics.”

Sofon offers knowledge of sales complexity that is infused into the unique sales process that a client might have. Besides, the company guarantees a time-efficient implementation of the products.

We like to g uide our customers to steer ahead of the competition in the market, and profit from the market dynamics

“We educate our customers to maintain the CPQ solution themselves, ensuring they keep control over their core competencies and their products and have firm control over knowledge management,” informs Kimmel.

Sofon puts great emphasis on listening to customer needs and persistently guiding them away from the pitfalls of the changes that occur due to processes such as CPQ. Besides, Sofon creates a single source of truth for configured products and prices that its clients buy to stay abreast of the developments in the areas of novel technologies, servitization, robotization, and sales employability, which can have a broad impact on the sales digitization process.

Sofon serves global medium and large-sized manufacturing companies that deal with sales complexity because of their dependency on resellers. As a part of the clients’ business IT environment, Sofon integrates with MS Dynamics CRM & ERP, Salesforce, SAP ERP, and Infor ERP. With these capabilities, Sofon creates a seamless business sales structure.

Over the years, the company has established itself as a sales management visionary and is looking to maintain the success journey for the next 20 years. It is expected that the business costs related to IT will increase by 50 percent in 2038, and what this means is CIOs have to be attentive to business processes and people to increase the sales efficiencies. Staying ahead of the market, Sofon will be filling this need and provide customers with the right sales solutions at the right time.


Ekkersrijt, Netherlands

Paul Kimmel, CEO and Founder

Enabling smart sales management with the Sofon software