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Orland Yee, President
Years ago, companies ran proprietary databases on “bare metal” servers, almost always on-site. They dedicated resources like space, people, and budget and time to purchase, house, install, maintain, and secure hardware, operating systems, and databases. Today, the industry is moving toward more comprehensive and automated solutions with the proliferation of new technologies like cloud computing, visualization, and custom fabricated database applications. “Many inexpensive implementation scenarios are being powered by Cloud and SaaS based systems in a very economical way,” states Orland Yee, President, Softbase Consulting Services. To reshape the enterprise data operations and opportunities, Greenwood Village-based Softbase offers professional services and solutions to address specific database requirements. “We serve customers at any point in their IT lifecycle.”

Leveraging its extensive industry experience, the firm takes a holistic approach to architect, design, implement, and test database installations to ensure that the database has high uptime, it meets the service level agreement (SLA), has proper backup, and in case of a disaster business can recover easily. “We do this through the smart use of cloud-enabled systems,” affirms Yee. The systems are developed and delivered in a short time and by hosting systems in the cloud relieves companies of having dedicated IT staff to support the applications. “On the security side, the data is encrypted at rest and in flight and the customer’s data is safely stored in the cloud.” In addition, Softbase has com-prehensive administration functionality and offers a wide range of database services ranging from database consulting to projects and remote DBA services to database monitoring, assessment and staffing services. Correspondingly, businesses looking to achieve an effective data migration procedure approach Softbase to leverage its professional experience of using many ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tools for database migration. The firm works closely with its clients for design, extraction, cleansing, load and verification.

We serve customers at any point in their IT lifecycle

“Our differentiation in business is our philosophy of being 100 percent transparent on everything we do,” extols Yee. “We call this ‘Never Go Dark’ development.” With Softbase, from the initial contact with the client through the software build, the clients are frequently updated about the challenges they are facing and the intermediate products that have been produced. Also, the clients can suggest changes, new features, software modifications, and give feedback on the deliverables.

For instance, Softbase worked with Department of Labor in the state of Colorado to design and implement an Unemployed Insurance (UI) program. Previously, the department’s attempt of building the system failed with a loss of 100 developers and 3 years of investment that cost them $60 million. Softbase proposed to build the client’s system within a year with 15 people to implement the system. Eventually, the company delivered the system over-feature and under-budget in 11 months. Today, the system has been in place for a few years and at its highest usage has served $2.6 billion UI benefits in a year. Furthermore, Softbase is building out a first class dispensary and warehouse management system for the marijuana industry at its sister company Kanha Technology Services. “Our objective is to build systems with our focus on performance, ease of use, and real-time availability as in the other systems we’ve implemented,” claims Yee.

“Having designed and implemented systems for many large companies, we are shifting our focus to smaller companies,” says Yee. Going forward, Softbase is focused on delivering solutions embracing the latest trends like data visualization and incipient technologies in the industry to help large as well as small companies achieve their business goals, generate higher ROI, and attain operational efficiency.

Softbase Consulting Service

Greenwood Village, CO

Orland Yee, President

Offers comprehensive database services and solutions to achieve business goals

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