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Katherine Cortez-Arros, General Manager
SoftCapture USA has been making this vision a reality through workflow automation that helps organizations achieve higher performance and efficient use of resources. Leveraging more than two decades of experience in software development, the company ensures that it reduces repetitive tasks among workers and provides greater traceability into the internal processes of every company. “We provide avant-garde technology to digitize small and medium-sized companies at a reasonable cost,” Katherine adds.

At its core, SoftCapture USA offers the VirtualFile solutions portfolio—a platform developed with world-class characteristics. It supports various business processes of American companies, regardless of their industry. The solution can be fully integrated with clients’ existing systems and adapted to their specific requirements. The company has so far made three versions of VirtualFile available for the American market: workflow (WF), Document Manager System (DMS), and personal protection elements management system (EPP). They plan to incorporate the rest of the VirtualFile suite into the portfolio by 2023.

Higher Performance and Efficiency Guaranteed

The SoftCapture DMS is a cloud-based tool that allows the complete administration of all the a company. The solution allows clients to view documents, approve them, reject them, or share them online at any time, from anywhere in the world.

DMS has four specific functions: automatic capture and organization, enterprise content management, automatic approval (workflow), and repository. While the automatic capture and organization function enables clients to rightly organize all document information, the enterprise content management feature takes the information and images of the previously captured documents, classifies, and indexes them. As a result, businesses can have real-time access to any information just by typing a search variable such as EIN No. or a company name. The information then goes through a workflow function that allows clients to approve, reject, or question online—leaving the record of each activity intact in the system. Finally, all the images of documents are saved in the repository.

Several businesses have leveraged this solution so far. A bank recently used DMS to authorize or deny online credit applications. The application converted all the electronically-entered information into data points and distributed it to the corresponding agencies for evaluation. It also requested online verification of the information provided to ensure that the credit for payment is generated quickly.

Apart from DMS, SoftCapture USA’s WF solution is popular among many companies. Recently, a financial institution integrated this solution into its loan sales processes to generate approvals in record time. Earlier, the client used to take more than 72 hours for the approval and the payment of credit. WF has enabled them to reduce it to one day. This not only revolutionized the client’s way of operating but also allowed it to grow by 300 percent. To make this project a success, SoftCapture USA followed a “step-by-step” approach - gathering all the information, understanding the shortcomings of the manual process, and replacing those with automation. Once the solution was configured, the company provided users with proper training to make them accustomed to the new workflow.

Reducing the “Resistance to Change”

SoftCapture USA understands that automating age-old internal and external processes is not an easy feat to achieve. It involves preparing and supporting employees, establishing the steps for change, and monitoring pre- and post-change activities to ensure successful implementation.

To this end, SoftCapture USA takes charge of the change management, providing initial support with important inductions and training to its users. This formula reduces workers’ “resistance to change” and ensures that they do not abandon or sabotage the software.

In a world that advances quickly and decisively toward the digitization of data, SoftCapture USA believes in constantly learning and evolving. To achieve this, the company listens to the needs of its clients and delivers adequate solutions. “Communication is central to SoftCapture USA’s culture. The capacity for dialogue and willingness has become an important point that has allowed us to conquer new customers and challenges,” Katherine asserts. “Once a year, we update the software by listening to customer requests and including those that can be standardized to take the software to the next level.”

An Engine Running on Teamwork

What enables SoftCapture USA to provide such a comprehensive service is its team of experts. Regardless of their position, every employee works for the project or service, contributing ideas and experience. This has formed a “brotherhood” that works to specify the best solutions for customers. SoftCapture USA ensures that the employees’ professional development is never side-tracked while keeping the company at the forefront. This positive work culture has enabled SoftCapture USA to retain key talents over the years.

This employee-centric culture complements SoftCapture USA’s drive to maintain long-term relationships with clients. In fact, the company acts as a technology partner for its clients instead of just being a vendor.

Not stopping there, SoftCapture USA is always laser-focused on innovation. The company invests 20 percent of its profit in creating new software and applications. It also has a dedicated Pen-testing area to evaluate risks, look for failures and reinforce security by updating software and services. “Today, medium and small businesses are quite underserved. They still need to do their job manually. At SoftCapture USA, our goal is to address this segment of the market that still does not have one hundred percent access to automation,” says Katherine. Staying true to this mission, SoftCapture USA has been able to implement solutions for companies of different sizes and government agencies across South America and Europe, where they have been part of processes as relevant as population censuses and vote counting in elections.

Technology available to all—this is not just a slogan for us, but a vision

Going forward, SoftCapture USA plans to continue to be creative, efficient, and effective in delivering solutions on time. By 2022, the company aims to have a 100 percent expansion, doubling its operational footprint. In addition, the company plans soon to release new versions of software on different platforms—they will be more intuitive and user-friendly, with a higher percentage of AI.

In a nutshell, in an ever-evolving business world, automation and software developments need to keep pace with the rapid changes. SoftCapture USA believes in progressing and developing according to the changing times. “We never believe in thwarting the competition, because there are markets for everyone. Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of our products and services to keep our leadership position,” Katherine concludes.

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Katherine Cortez-Arros, General Manager

SoftCapture USA's clear and precise mission is to research, develop, and implement new technologies within reach of its clients.

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