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John Cognata VP, Business Development and Innovation
Imagine: You are seated. The lights turn down. You hear the gentle tap of the baton on the podium. The baton is raised, and with its fall comes a wonderful, harmonious masterpiece—a perfect blend of instrument, arrangement, and skill optimized for the audience’s enjoyment.

If you apply this metaphor to business communications and end user experiences, SOFTEL is the arranger and conductor. So, as a composer would write for percussion, winds, brass, and strings, SOFTEL uses cloud applications and software. As the conductor of a symphony, SOFTEL, an esteemed Microsoft Cloud and Productivity Partner, couples creativity with a blend of Microsoft products (such as Skype for Business, Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure) and other innovative tools to achieve just the right effect. “Our solutions enhance the customers’ experience as they interact in both the physical and digital world. And we conduct our clients through their digital transformations, helping them identify and capitalize on new opportunities and ways of transacting business with their customers,” says John Cognata, Vice President, Business Development and Innovation, SOFTEL Communications.

SOFTEL began more than 20 years ago as a response to evolving enterprise communications modalities. As progressive disruptions occurred, SOFTEL stepped onto the scene to help clients capitalize on these disruptions—to help them align new communications norms with their existing business strategies, and to think in creative, progressive ways about their technology investments. Today, as a highly proficient Microsoft Solutions Integrator / Managed Services organization, SOFTEL continues to focus on providing enterprises with innovative communications solutions that improve their clients’ bottom line while optimizing the customer experience journey. “Our greatest reward is hearing from the many satisfied customers who benefit from the innovative, yet proven, ways we apply our many years of experience with contact centers and CRM to facilitate their digital transformations,” remarks Cognata.

Our solutions enhance the customers’ experience as they interact in both the physical and digital world

Consumers now expect seamless customer service, no matter how they interact with enterprises. They may walk in a store front, place a phone call, or visit a web page or kiosk. Therefore, the physical experience and the virtual experience that enterprises offer to consumers must be closely aligned; consumers expect them to “feel” the same, and they expect to receive the same level of customer service regardless of the modality they use. SOFTEL’s mission is to enhance customer engagment and relationship practices so that end users do get that feeling of sameness. “And, Microsoft is an excellent partner; we integrate Microsoft’s “instruments”—Azure, Dynamics, Office 365, and more—to create orchestrated “symphonies” perfectly suited to our clients and their customers,” says Cognata. “Microsoft’s products are agile and adaptable, so we can integrate the pieces that make sense for each client; much like one would arrange music customized for a particular audience and venue.”

SOFTEL‘s skills are unique within Microsoft‘s ecosystem of partners. The company provide a combination of best-in-class solutions for unified communications, social media, contact centers, voice self service, and digital customer engagement. “So, if you’re asking the question, ‘How can I improve the customer service I give my customers?’, just ask us,” declares Cognata. “We partner with clients in all industries. We recognize that what we do isn’t specific to or limited by industry type. What’s most important is not what our clients do, but how they do it. We work with clients who have recognized that a digital transformation will help them differentiate themselves in their own market,” he concludes.

SOFTEL Communications

Atlanta, GA

John Cognata VP, Business Development and Innovation

SOFTEL helps enterprises both large and small that seek to implement new technology tools while protecting their current investment in voice and data infrastructure

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