Softeligent: A New Paradigm in Enterprise Web Application Services

Pedro Romeiro, CEO
Today, CIOs believe in servicing key areas of business operations and have been utilizing the power of cloud to increase operational efficiency. Businesses are readily turning toward the adoption of Enterprise Web Applications (EWA) and managed services to prevent and address a myriad of challenges. However, a number of complexities plague the EWA space especially the market consolidation is causing issues with technology integration, lack of supplier agility to meet special software customizations, implementation degradation and deteriorated quality of ongoing support services. This is mainly linked to investor pressures for fast growth and accelerated returns. Therefore, the venture capital funded solution providers focus less on agility but more on new revenues, growth by acquisition, remaining less attention to customers.

Addressing the current challenges, Softeligent and their EWA solutions with managed services are built from the ground up by the people in the front lines that is disrupting the landscape with deep acumen and experience in enterprise technologies, quick customization, ease-of-use and value pricing points. “These attributes are all strong elements to positive achievement,” says Pedro Romeiro, CEO, Softeligent. The company has been created by Telecom Resources International Inc. (TRI), a renowned IT and telecom consulting firm founded in 1987 to cater to the growing enterprise technology consulting services arena. Softeligent, is now a separate operating entity specializing in the life cycle management of all IT, telecom and wireless assets. “We deliberately elected to grow organically delivering high quality boutique services,” notes Romeiro.

According to Romeiro, many businesses still practice conventional billing systems where the entries and process carrier invoices payments added into the finance AP systems. This method is labor intensive and companies would have to handle large rims of paper billings with minimum or no validation. Moreover, wireless assets and expenses are too complex to manage with a spreadsheet, which was the main tool in the 90’s. However a large number of organizations still depend on it today.

We deliberately elected to grow organically delivering high quality boutique services

Others rely on annual billing audits performed by a large number of service providers that offer to reconcile inventories, and compare contracts rate plans with service charges on endless pages of historical billings. Audits can be very effective at recovering billing errors and can provide real service optimization strategies, producing significant saving for future months, but they are a repetitive cost and only provide a temporary fix. “Our proactive management system uses the initial audit to get all services on a clean slate,” says Romeiro. “With Softeligent tools, the audit processes is also more automated, and begin the life cycle with all carrier invoices imported electronically into Softeligent’s database, or the physical assets tagged and scanned into the database.” The company also created work flows and automated reconciliation and validation processes. Softeligent reconciles invoice charges against contract rates, and inventory of services with Moves, Adds and Change (MAC) orders.

The company holds a track record of empowering clients to successfully manage their business operations. With Softeligent services and technologies, a large utility firm is now enjoying the benefits of business process automation, eliminating other legacy systems and consolidating operations.

Softeligent has an edge over their competitors because of their IT asset management solutions with unique tablet site survey tools that deliver complete management and service request solution across the enterprise. Due to their ability to play key role in enterprise integration of systems and knack to design software solutions rapidly, Softeligent will continue to expand its EWA services globally. “We are also planning on broadening the horizon with our professional and managed services designed specifically for government organizations,” concludes Romeiro.


Scottsdale, AZ

Pedro Romeiro, CEO

Developing cloud-based software solutions for the enterprise to track and manage lifecycle of all telecom and IT assets