Softengine: Improving Operational Efficiencies with Flexible Solutions

CIO VendorJoseph Lasman, CEO
Seeing a conflict between the business objectives of ERP software publishers and value added resellers, Joseph Lasman, CEO of Softengine, sought to find a better way to achieve the objectives of both parties, leading to the genesis of Softengine in 1996. Led by Lasman’s experience, Softengine was able to lower the ERP implementation cost by developing templated extensions for specific types of customers. The company’s continuous drive to improvement has resulted in excellent customer service during and post-implementation of projects. Today, Softengine leverages SAP Business One and supports all of the key business processes and workflows of small, midsize and growing businesses.

Meeting core business objectives and keeping IT projects on time and within budget is imperative for today’s enterprises. Softengine, a SAP Gold Partner, adapts SAP Rapid Deployment implementation methodology to help companies achieve these goals by providing predictable costs and results, and a short time to business value. “We use content and expertise derived from actual customer implementations and help our customers to quickly enhance their business processes and meet industry standards,” says Lasman.

"We use content and expertise derived from actual customer implementations and help our customers to quickly enhance their business processes and meet industry standards"

Softengine is the pioneer to offer SAP Business One ERP in the cloud. By perfecting a secure multi-tenant architecture, they lower the up-front and ongoing costs for their clients. By being hosted in the cloud, it can be easily adapted to changing business requirements without creating a heavy,ongoing IT burden. They also tailor the Business One suite to meet the specific needs of the wholesale, manufacturing and retail industries.
The functionalities Softengine has built into Business One—a truly cross-functional system that is simultaneously connected, concurrently networked, and continuously aware of all interrelated enterprise business processes—enable enterprises to leverage their existing IT assets and take advantage of new technologies seamlessly, while triggering transactions and workflows downstream in other solutions.

Softengine has gained a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a deep understanding of business challenges by implementing hundreds of enterprise solutions worldwide. The company has streamlined the processes and freed up capital for numerous clients over the years, including Castle Importing—an Italian family business with roots in the cheese industry. Freshness and food safety are highly important to Castle Importing and the FDA, which mandates that all food processing companies have the capability to trace every ingredient in their recipes. Until recently, Castle Importing utilized a manual paper-based approach to conduct the tracing procedure required in the event of a product recall, which is time-consuming, labor laborintensive and risky. After the SAP Business One—Food One solution was installed by Softengine, Castle Importing started to reap instant dividends from its fully automated, real-time inventory control system, especially in the area of lot control. The solution provides a comprehensive array of information, from shipping documents delivered to the customer, to the initial purchase order sent to the vendor. “With the new system, I can pull up a serial number, item number or batch number and immediately see all the history behind that product,” says Rosangela Borruso, Vice President, Castle Importing.

Going forward, Softengine is keen on staying update with technology while not endangering customers’ business by putting them on a “bleeding” edge. “Our major concern is always to minimize the very costly business interruptions,” says Lasman. The company is currently testing HANA in the cloud, which will provide almost instantaneous pervasive analytics. They are also focused on enhancing mobility applications that will provide round the clock access to the company’s information system to sales personnel and to management with relevant KPI dashboards.


Joseph Lasman, CEO

A provider of SAP Business One solutions to the wholesale distribution, manufacturing and retail industries