SoftFluent: Creating Futuristic Applications with Easy Coding

Daniel Cohen-Zardi, Co-Founder, President & CEO
The singular history of technology is in dealing with its diversity, complexity and the fast pace of continuing innovations. For a software development team, this challenge is huge.They have to digest technology innovations and provide ready-to-use solutions for the varied business requirements within allotted budgets and available skill sets. Teaming up with his former colleagues from Microsoft, Daniel Cohen-Zardi’s aim was to tackle this challenge with SoftFluent—a company focused on software development. “We created CodeFluent Entities, a modelfirst application generator for the .NET platform enabling developers to generate components such as database scripts, business tier, web services and UIs,” says Cohen-Zardi, President & CEO, SoftFluent.

Cohen-Zardi points to the reasons why numerous software project failures often run into millions, where the use of appropriate libraries within the .NET framework could have saved the project to an extent. “Software development companies have three options: abandon model-driven development and accept the re-development that should happen with each new technology wave; take on the cost and risk of building custom domain specific languages (DSL); or commit to a model driven solution like CodeFluent Entities,” adds Cohen-Zardi.

The code generation process is modelfirst and continuous: from the declarative model, the code generators translate the inferred meta model into code. Over 20 code generators (a.k.a. ‘producers’) provided “out of the box” combine to create applications that follow the desired architecture, using appropriate technologies.CodeFluent Entities’ ready-to-use implementation with best practices in development projects help enterprises focus on business and manage business changes, by its simple model-first approach.

Using our CodeFluent Entities approach, your software development is ready for the future

“We provide structure for various architectures, including the mix between rich-client, web, cloud and mobile. The simple solution supports multiple database providers beyond SQL Server (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL) or client architectures (WPF, Winforms, Web, Smart Client, Silverlight, SharePoint),” explains Cohen-Zardi. SoftFluent has created a version of the product that is free to test over the web, leading to its adoption in many countries. Though easy to start with, CodeFluent Entities includes very advanced features for the most demanding development projects. As it is a complete software factory, it offers solutions to industrialize the production of code at an unprecedented level.

Priding on the company’s proactive and professional support for customers, Cohen-Zardi says, “Our solution is ready from day one. We provide solutions for complex architecture having different variations. The ability to adjust to the different architectures is the key for companies of tomorrow; we provide this evolution capability to capitalize work at a higher abstraction level than code. Using our CodeFluent Entities approach, your software development is ready for the future.” The additional advantages of CodeFluent Entities are in its predictable costs and timeframes. Once used to the methodology, the user can precisely estimate each project using factual elements such as the number of entities, properties, methods, business rules, user interfaces or reports.

With implementations in 600 organizations across 100 countries, SoftFluent is a Gold Certified .NETsoftware development company guaranteeing automatic best practices of Microsoft architecture implementation including: Windows Forms, WPF, ASP. NET, Silverlight, Office, SharePoint, mobile platforms and Azure.

On the company’s growth plans ahead, Cohen-Zardi shares his vision—“We continuously invest in Research and Development to create high-quality and flexible software whilst lowering production costs, risks and development time. SoftFluent’s future looks bright with our customers’ success in making software development easier and more enjoyable tackling the fast changing technology arena.”


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Daniel Cohen-Zardi, Co-Founder, President & CEO

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