SoftPath Technologies: Uniting People, Processes, and Technology for Enhanced Productivity

Jay Gubbala, Chief Solution Architect and VP
Agile businesses continuously adopt business process management (BPM) to address ever increasing market needs. Multiple industry regulations, fragmented business processes, resulting inefficiencies, and rising costs are the core factors that disrupt the business growth. Livonia, MI-based SoftPath Technologies is helping companies leverage BPM technology to discover process inefficiencies, redefine business strategy, attain visibility and stay ahead of competition. “We offer compelling value proposition to our clients by uniting People, Processes, and Technology,” notes Jay Gubbala, Chief Solution Architect and VP, SoftPath Technologies.

With the company’s unique value-based offering, they enable clients to automate their key business processes. “The flexibility to interface with external systems and complement the capabilities of a Business Process Management solution enables organizations to benefit from increased efficiency, enhanced service delivery, and faster go-to-market strategy,” narrates Gubbala. SoftPath has developed excellence at providing cross-vertical solutions and empowering clients to scale and realize their digital ambitions. The company’s core domain expertise lies at leveraging solutions for banking, retail, healthcare, pharma and government sectors.

Increasing domain expertise, maintaining close relations with industry and continuous skills development are part of the company’s core philosophy driving the company to empower clients with potential business solutions. SoftPath’s services are built around proven cutting-edge framework to facilitate clients to incorporate a dynamic approach in realizing their business goals. The company’s end-to-end life cycle solutions have been a catalyst to digital transformation and range from strategy to design to execution—and a large part of the business involves developing business functions for clients and operating the solutions for them in a supportive role. “Although BPM remains a key ingredient to a company’s success, we are helping them expand and lead the way in building scale in analytics segment,” explains Gubbala.
With growing dependency on social media, cloud computing, mobile and Big Data, SoftPath is investing heavily on training and skills development to equip themselves to react faster to market. “This way, when we meet up with a client, our assets are already developed and we can deliver value more quickly,” says Gubbala. He firmly believes that for any company to stay in the race, it needs promising resources and talent. As a premium business partner for some of the leading technology vendors, the company has helped several clients to enhance operations and improve efficiency. For instance, the company dealt with a large Payments Processor in North America and helped them adopt BPM approach to enable them to automate their Merchant On-boarding process. The client was handling roughly 16 billion transactions a day and had to struggle with their inefficient on-boarding process. SoftPath’s association with the client allowed them to leverage their expertise and technology acumen in streamlining its processes and reducing process cycles from 2 weeks to 3 days. “In another key engagement, we successfully completed BPM migration from an older version to advanced version for a financial services client,” expounds Gubbala.

SoftPath’s services are built around proven cutting-edge framework to facilitate clients to incorporate a dynamic approach in realizing their business goals

Moving ahead, “we are cognizant of the challenges the industry faces and adhering to complex industry regulations like HIPAA and SOX, we will continue to provide cutting-edge business process automation solutions,” says Gubbala. In addition, the company will persistently communicate the vision of the organization to all associates and celebrate its success as milestones that drive them towards the vision. We are also aggressively focusing on increasing our interests on delivering Mobile and Cloud solutions,” concludes Gubbala.

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Jay Gubbala, Chief Solution Architect and VP

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