Softvative: Harnessing the Full Potential of Office 365

Faisal Masood, Owner
The rapidly and dramatically changing and evolving landscape of IT does not faze Faisal Masood, who founded Softvative, Inc. at a time when others were in a freefall. He forged in the doom and gloom years of the global financial crisis in 2008 to provide organizations with innovative solutions, quality products and reliable services, turning a bleak economy to his advantage. Undeterred by the plethora of challenges that fogged their vision, Faisal and his team at Softvative started their journey to empower organizations with digital transformation, project, and cloud solutions along with IT and web, training and job placement services.

Thirteen years later, when it comes to delivering unique, innovative solution and services that help businesses grow, Softvative is a name to reckon with in the industry.

The Market Gap

Almost everyone who used a computer in the past thirty years will have come into contact with Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, sent an email through Outlook or messaged someone on Skype. Millions of contemporary businesses depend on the suite’s tools to communicate, create documents, and balance their books. But there’s a lot more to Office than many users understand, particularly since the release of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365 allows organizations to transform and become mobile-first, ensuring the security, collaboration, and productivity tools required to stay ahead of their competition. To successfully transform demands a sound strategy to manage the impact of technology change while enabling employees to quickly adapt, adopt, and become more productive. This is often where most organizations run into challenges. Employees revert to what they’re used to—leaving them poorly equipped to take advantage of the latest tools to collaborate and innovate. In addition, organizations often struggle to maintain the momentum and managing the continuous updates being provided via Microsoft’s Office 365 roadmap. As Microsoft’s Silver Certified Partner, Softvative can help organizations to realize the value of an investment.

Softvative was built on the principles of providing innovative solutions, quality products, and reliable services. The company also helps clients with Microsoft 365 cloud journey with a holistic approach involving envisioning, designing, architecting, migration, training, security, operations, and support. The Microsoft partnership status added value to Softvative and attracted from both private as well as public companies. “At the outset, there were many challenges, but the Microsoft partnership added a lot of value for us in terms of gaining more customer referrals. We were also able to use that as a part of our expertise with our certified staff and Microsoft Certified Partner status,” asserts Faisal, Owner of Softvative. Besides digital transformation, project management, and cloud solutions, the company has also developed a learning management system through which training is offered to the clients as a part of consulting services. With all these solutions and services under one roof, Softvative provides the best value to the clients at an economical price structure.

To ensure client success and business growth, Softvative brings to the table an unmatched wealth of skills, experience, and expertise in collaboration and content management solutions and project portfolio management. It is worth mentioning that not many companies in the market have this amount of skill in these fields. Over the period of last 10 years, Microsoft merged these two product groups, which placed Softvative in an advantageous position to help its clients with expertise in both the arenas and provide them with a 360-degree overview of the solution.

Prioritizing the needs of the clients, Softvative takes a deeper insight into what value can the solutions bring to the customers, rather than just providing a solution. The company follows the best practices while implementing any solution to maintain compliance standards across different industry verticals. Another important aspect is the tool that augments the solution for a client. Softvative is the preferred choice when it comes to amalgamating the process with a tool that can highly benefit the clients in the long run. Notably, if a client asks for a project management solution, the expert panel of Softvative looks into the PMO process, how they are working and what are the integration points, and the business side of things. After this assessment, the company draws on its expertise in the Microsoft Project, online project server, and also Microsoft’s Project portfolio management suite of products. This is followed by combining the process and the tool to make the project as well as the customer successful. Further, Softvative possesses expertise around different architectural designs and standards, including TOGAF architecture.

To ensure client success and business growth, Softvative brings to the table an unmatched wealth of skills, experience, and expertise in collaboration and content management solutions and project portfolio management

This also supports the company to look into not only the application perspective of the client but also the enterprise architecture, information architecture, and different levels of the organization to structure a solution that can work cohesively, in a streamlined way.

High Success Streak

During this 13-year journey, the company has supported numerous clients from different industry verticals and assisted them in overcoming the challenges that they were experiencing. For instance, a client was looking for a business intelligence solution, incorporating Microsoft’s product. They had the challenge of setting up an environment and then using it according to the best practices. Addressing this issue, the team of experts at Softvative leveraged Microsoft SharePoint solution, and also utilized the business intelligence solution from Microsoft, including the SQL Reporting Services, SQL Analysis Services, and other BI tools. “With the help of all this plethora of solutions offered by Microsoft, our panel was able to set up an environment where the client could easily create all their reports and share those reports across the organization using the Microsoft solution,” mentions Faisal.

In yet another impressive feat, Faisal illustrates how Softvative lifted a Fortune 100 agriculture company out of the doldrums. Before collaborating with Softvative, the client was using multiple products and different solutions. They had document management solutions like SharePoint and also few other document management solutions, there were also some BI solutions in place. As the solutions were from different vendors deployed at different times, things were not very well synchronized. With its expertise in the domain, Softvative was able to help the client envision the Office 365 solution. The team at Softvative helped the client to migrate their project management solution from on-premise into the Microsoft Project Online solution. With the help of SharePoint, the company also helped the client to switch over from legacy SharePoint 2010. Softvative migrated that portal, including all the document management content in Office 365 SharePoint online. Alongside, by leveraging Microsoft Power BI solution as part of reporting and dashboarding tool, the experts at Softvative conglomerated all the solutions that were in silos. Following the DBMS model, that is Design, Build, Migrate and Support, the company not only designs a solution but also has the ability to build and use the DevOps. Not to mention, even during the operational phase, Softvative supports the clients from an operational excellence perspective by utilizing ITIL practices. As this client had few security gaps within their cloud, Softvative was able to create a brainstorming plan where they captured high-level information from areas like SharePoint Online and highlighted all the risks and mitigation strategies. This whole ideation and execution of Softvative helped the client to have a better business outcome and ameliorated the business process as a whole.

All Eyes on the Future

This is one of the many instances where Softvative has proven its excellence in driving fulfilling results for its clients. For the days ahead, the company aims to become Microsoft’s Gold Partner. In order to accomplish this feat, Softvative is going to hire more staff locally as well as in its offshore development Center. In tandem, the company is also looking forward to coming up with some add-on products which will support the consulting and professional services around Office 365, SharePoint, and project management in particular. “Using some of the intelligence from Microsoft Azure, we are developing some of the applications which can help the customers in a way that they can notice the value of investing in these technologies. Moving ahead, our investments will be focused on Microsoft Office 365,” concludes Faisal.


Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Faisal Masood, Owner

Softvative was built on the principles of providing innovative solutions, quality products and reliable services