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Agility and innovation are the most important characteristics of a successful business— leading to the rise of a digital economy. Entrepreneurs need business applications that help them differentiate and can meet the demands and challenges of digital businesses.

Software AG provides business solutions that meet this requirement. Most recently, Software AG rolled out the industry’s first Digital Business Platform (DBP) that manages digital change and enables differentiation. The company’s new generation business applications are based on the key principles of dexterity, flexibility and speed—they are called ‘adaptive applications’. “The DBP leverages a technology foundation for managing the digital change and builds adaptive applications,” explains Mark Herring, Integration and BPM Leader, Software AG.

Software AG’s core principles in its DBP is tightly integrated modular components, meaning you can start at any point in your business transformation, and use any part of the DBP with other industry software.

Always innovating, Software AG’s portfolio has recently expanded through the acquisition of high speed messaging, enhanced visualization and streaming, Big Data analytics. “Furthermore, we work with our customers and partners to co-innovate applications. At Software AG, innovation is not always technology-driven, but instead a result of our customers and partners industry expertise,” reckons Herring.

Grounded on long-term consulting expertise and best practices, Software AG offers a comprehensive solution-centric methodology comprising strategy, implementation and deployment. Moreover, the company uses a proven project management methodology for organizing, planning, and steering all tasks and resources to accomplish project objectives on time and within budget.

Software AG’s DBP operates at the interface of real-time business operations and changing customer and market requirements. It enables the fast and cost effective development and deployment of new types of customer facing, front office business applications and solutions that maximizes their ROI.
Put simply, it provides a comprehensive approach the design and implementation of a flexible, cost-effective IT architecture that can support Adaptive Applications.

“Today’s enterprises must become digital to gain clear visibility into changing market behavior, individual customer requirements, its own business operations across the entire supply chain as well as changing external factors, such as government regulations or weather conditions”, commented Herring. “The Digital Business Platform provides the foundation necessary to develop and deploy differentiating business applications, developed alongside business departments, in short and easily foreseeable release cycles. Traditional packaged applications are not designed for this type of development approach”, he adds.

The DBP delivers applications, processes, business models and enterprises “built to change” to respond to fast changing market or business conditions. Unlike conventional, off-the-shelf ERP products, designed to support predictable business situations and processes, the DBP provides a rich portfolio for customers and partners, in collaboration with Software AG, to co-innovateless predictable, differentiating and profit-generating business solutions.

The company’s new generation business applications are based on the key principles of dexterity, flexibility and speed— they are called ‘adaptive applications'

“The benefits of analyzing streaming data from the Internet of Things, from the social end of the spectrum to machine to machine communication (M2M), making in-depth business decisions based on the information provided and dynamically adapting business processes and models to react to ‘live’ events are enormous”, continued Herring. “Providing a holistic approach that can manage and govern IT assets and automated business processes, on-premise and cloud integration and advanced analytics, based on an in-memory and event driven architecture, is the only way that enterprises can fully utilize digitization. This is our philosophy.

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Software AG partners with Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM) to drive digitalization in Indonesian Government Sector

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Software AG has announced a strategic partnership with Universitas Gajah Mada (UGM), Indonesia's leading public University, to drive digitalization in the Indonesian Government Sector and prime UGM graduates entering the job market. The partnership will begin with two initial steps:

The first, an Educational Webinar on August 14, open to all government officials.

Software AG and UGM will host a Webinar on Digital Transformation in the Indonesian Government Sector.

UGM will present their most recent findings, including challenges to the digitalization efforts of government bodies in Indonesia, and recommend strategies for a fast start to becoming a truly digitalized government.

Software AG will showcase highly relevant use cases from various government bodies in the US, UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia.

The second step is an Academic Partnership.

Software AG will provide a market-oriented education through UGM, giving graduates entering the job market an excellent head start, forming an integral and critical part of the digital transformation of the nation.

Prof Ir Panut Mulyono, Rector of UGM, said, "A close collaboration between the private sector and academia is essential. This is in line with our Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim's Independent Campus Policy, where universities are encouraged to develop partnerships with world class companies. With the upcoming Webinar, we provide thought leadership, views and ideas for the government sector to digitally transform in a safe and sustainable way; and with the Academic Partnership we are upskilling our students to support this transformation with a highly qualified workforce in the future."

Anneliese Schulz, President of Software AG Asia Pacific Japan, said, "What excites me the most is the opportunity to support upskilling student talent into world class tech professionals, who will contribute to the development of the nation. And when we look into government digitalization efforts in Indonesia and elsewhere, integration is a key enabler to modernize and innovate. As the world leading integration technology provider, we can share proven use cases from various sectors as well as the key learning from government bodies worldwide which will benefit Indonesia greatly."

The Ministry of Administrative Reform measured the e-government maturity level over 616 government institutions in 2018, and concluded that a majority of government institutions have been implementing e-services, particularly for internal work. However, these e-services share common problems: lack of integration, unsustainability, and low use, pointing to an absence of integrated and holistic policy, and partial planning and strategies in implementing e-government. Before 2018, there was no guidance and standard to develop e-services. As a result, "many government institutions in Indonesia have only developed partial e-services, even in the sake of innovation."

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