Software Pursuits: Private Clouds for Efficient, Secure File Sharing

Larry Salveson, President
Since public cloud first stepped its foot in the business world, the IT landscape has clung to promises of instant access to data and reduced IT overhead. However, today several privacy and performance concerns are surrounding the public cloud, which cannot be left unheard. Abating the risks around data distribution, sharing, and availability—Software Pursuits has been designing and delivering innovative software solutions for enterprise information systems since 1975. The company’s flagship offering SureSync is a file synchronization platform that provides secure, reliable, and efficient sharing of files across an organization. “With SureSync you can replicate files to a remote disaster recovery center or synchronize the data between branch offices, while storing the files in a company's own servers which leads to added security,” remarks Larry Salveson, President, Software Pursuits.

While file replication and sharing is beneficial for all organizations, many have still not recognized the need or have neglected its implementation. “Only when a firm experiences a communication loss, do they realize the imperativeness for replication and synchronization technologies,” opines Salveson. In case a disaster strikes, companies should have an immediate access to their data, and while it can be accomplished with virtual cloud server, it is always feasible to have local copies of data in other office locations for uninterrupted business operations. In addition, while the task of copying files sounds like a plain-sailing task, it involves complexities like multi-directional synchronizations, compression, encryption, network utilization and throttling. This is where SureSync steps in helping clients navigate effectively through their data management issues.

Although SureSync started out as a solution to fulfill an in-house need—today it is enjoyed by thousands of customers. From facilitating data protection, multi-site file collaboration, and synchronization services for corporate networks; SureSync provides a suite of products, each focused on different customer needs. The newest offering from the suite, SureSync Endpoint, enables IT teams to establish replication services for mobile notebooks and remote connected machines, creating an internal private cloud.

Our ultimate goal is to automate and enhance file availability as much as possible, increasing productivity throughout an organization

Following a design philosophy which can be modified according to the task at hand Salveson says that, “Our ultimate goal is to automate and enhance file availability as much as possible, increasing productivity throughout an organization.”

According to Salveson, it is Software Pursuits’ drive for excellence and desire to help customers which has worked as a strong formula for the company’s growth for forty years. Often large multinationals like UPS and Verizon Wireless that share files across national or global networks, face difficulties with network latency, bandwidth consumption, and file transfer performance. Software Pursuits addresses these challenges through a software agent placed in each location, giving SureSync multiple opportunities to outperform standard methods of transferring files. “Our ability to transfer only portions of files dramatically reduces the amount of data transferred; however this is only one method where SureSync enhances performance. SureSync also leverages the operating system and hardware to optimize synchronization performance,” explains Salveson.

Going forward, Software Pursuits plans on further refining their products, as Salveson believes that there is always room for advancements and improvement. “Responding to our customers’ development needs in the near future, we will be enriching our portfolio by adding products and features that will enhance auditing, performance, and operational control,” ends Salveson.

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Larry Salveson, President

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