SolarWinds: Delivering ‘Unexpected Simplicity’ in Monitoring Complex Servers

Kevin B. Thompson, President and CEO From industry’s bigwigs to rising entrepreneurs, everyone wishes to own a smart server monitoring software to architect an efficient IT infrastructure. With thousands of physical, virtual and cloud-based servers running alongside each other, keeping track of each of them and eliminating intricacies as and when they arise is an intractable task for any organization today. From selecting a viable server environment to acquiring affordable server software that makes the perfect fit into IT budget of an enterprise, IT professionals are burgeoned with a myriad of complexities associated with server management technology. In an effort to curb these complexities around server management, IT professionals are on a constant look-out for viable technology partners that can help them thrive in a highly competitive environment by delivering easy-to-use server management solutions and enhance the internal and external communications of an organization. Designed to meet today’s challenges that are thrown at IT professionals in server management space, SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), an Austin, TX-based company, offers purpose-built products. “We offer powerful and affordable solutions that aim to deliver ‘unexpected simplicity’ and redefine the expectations IT professionals have for exceptional server management software,” affirms Kevin B. Thompson, President and CEO, SolarWinds.

Being a towering figure in the IT space, the company offers a vast range of products that simplify the process of deploying servers in an organization and enables the monitoring of servers. By leveraging SolarWinds’ server management software, enterprises can install increased number of servers and make applications easily available. Additionally, the software detects network outages, protocol failures, unsuccessful processes, servers, and batch jobs, which in turn foster organizations to be proactive and resolve problems within minutes.

Pro-actively Monitoring Server Performance

As the agent-based software dwindles in the market, the new and advanced Agent-less server monitoring software has made its entry in the IT landscape. It enables the enterprises to save significant time and money, while reducing the glitches associated with Agent-based server monitoring software. In order to thwart the intricacies that come along with Agent-based server monitoring software, SolarWinds delivers Agentless server monitoring software—Server & Application Monitor—that takes care of the overall server management and supports multi-vendor server monitoring. “Server & Application Monitor is capable of providing extensive insights into a number of activities carried out by a server by monitoring, alerting, and reporting its performance,” notes Thompson. The Agentless software’s server management capabilities allow organizations to natively start and stop services, reboot servers, and kill rogue processes by providing server monitoring support for multiple hardware vendors. In addition, it provides built-in support for the enterprises to manage over 150 applications.

Our experts combine the expertise with deep connection to the IT community to create IT management products that are effective and accessible

One of SolarWinds’ customers, Carlion Clinic had compatibility issues with Agent-based server monitoring system that had many applications in different parts of the system. The customer found it difficult to extract actual information to act upon from huge amounts of data. After witnessing SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor’s compatibility with Windows Server, Carlion Clinic decided to leverage it. After the implementation of this software, the customer was able to set up server application monitoring software within minutes, while having thousands of servers listed, monitored, and managed efficiently. Through effective utilization of the software, the customer eliminated their compatibility issues. As a result, Carlion Clinic was able to move from reactive environment to a proactive environment and had sufficient time to ensure that the applications were available 24/7.

Preventing Outages and Maximizing Performance

Alongside delivering Agentless server monitoring system, the Server & Application Monitor brings in a range of other benefits. The software can proactively monitor the performance of server environments through preventing application outages and maximizing efficiency. It keeps track of up and down statuses, capacity, and performance monitoring of server hardware. Since performance monitoring is essential to troubleshoot application issues and optimize application performance, SolarWinds leverages unique templates to supervise server and application performance through Server & Application Monitor. Besides, it also enables the display of real-time and historical trends through intuitive and meaningful dashboards.

Furthermore, the server monitoring software enables organizations to get rid of their disparate vendors systems, while monitoring their server hardware in a single console. From statuses of hard drive, array, power supply, fan to CPU and speed, SolarWinds enables the customers to leverage unparallel thresholds for all key server health and performance metrics.

Simple to Deploy FTP Server

The basic purpose of any technology today is to deliver easy-to-use solutions for the users. Likewise, as a technology solution provider, SolarWinds provides FTP Server—Serv-U—to enable organizations to easily view, upload, and download files from anywhere. The company also enables users to transfer files over intuitive web and mobile device interfaces. Its drag-and-drop capability makes it easier for the users to transfer multiple files at a time including large files up to two gigabytes. Serv-U FTP Server provides a broad range of customization options that make the administration and management of transferable files simple. Moreover, the FTP server can be leveraged across Windows and Linux platforms since it is simple to deploy and extremely affordable.
Serv-U FTP Server is specially designed for small businesses, as it is an affordable and secure file transfer that supports organizations to fulfill their internal and external file transfer requirements. To highlight the efficiency of Serv-U FTP server, one of SolarWinds customers, KSPS, a Washington TV Station, required an FTP server that is easy to deploy and maintain so that everyone in the organization can upload and download files. Additionally, the customer also needed the solution to be affordable enough to acquire and support to fit the budget of public television. SolarWinds Serv-U FTP server enabled the users who do not have technical expertise to upload and download files with a few clicks. Besides, KSPS was able to benefit from the completely new transformation in the way regional Washington public television station KSPS exchanges advertisements and video with its sponsors and content partners through SolarWinds Serve-U FTP server. “Serv-U has also become a valuable component in their annual pledge drives and other fundraising activities that require a reliable secure file transfer method,” says Thompson.

“We offer powerful and affordable solutions that aim to deliver ‘unexpected simplicity’ and redefine the expectations IT professionals have for exceptional server management software”

Stepping ahead of Status Quo

Unlike other enterprise software vendors who have established “Status quo” for themselves, SolarWinds firmly believes in moving ahead and delivering products that are not difficult to use, expensive, and addresses the realities of today’s IT management challenges. Having more than a decade of expertise in serving IT field, Thomson says, “We do not think enterprise software has to be as complicated as it’s made out to be.” In this light, the company strives to offer impactful functionality that is easy to use and promises exceptional ROI in the market.

SolarWinds was founded in 1999 and ever since its inception, it has been working with one strong motive to support IT professionals get rid of the complexity that is associated with traditional enterprise software by offering the products that are easier to find, buy, deploy and maintain. Besides, the company workforce’s innate ability to manage today’s dynamic IT environments, sets it apart from the rest of the enterprise software vendors in the industry. “Our experts combine the expertise with deep connection to the IT community to create IT management products that are effective and accessible,” affirms Thompson.

Positive Strides towards the Future

Having established its strong foothold in IT landscape by serving industry’s big names such as Microsoft, Nestle, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Yahoo and many other firms, SolarWinds promises to continue to interact with large, global user community to guide product development and strategy to invent better products. SolarWinds also assures to constantly evolve its products and ensure that its server management software is well prepared to fulfill the ever-increasing requirements of IT space. “We continue to deliver increasing value over the lifetime of ownership,” concludes Thompson.


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