Solea Software Solutions: Offering Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Portal Services for Flouris

Michael Jackson, Managing Partner
When it comes to assisting a multiple range of industries, software solution-providers face some indispensible challenges—consulting, data integration, and delivering business solutions, based the client requirements. Solea Software Solutions is a software consulting firm having specific domain expertise and deep knowledge of data and business processes, relating to a number of industry verticals. Based in Portland, OR, Solea delivers enterprise solutions to clients in the U.S. and abroad. “We are passionate about the work that we do and we stay abreast of business and technology trends and best practices, vendor announcements, and analyst recommendations,” says Michael Jackson, Managing Partner, Solea Software Solutions.

With rather interesting and unique products, Solea provides business intelligence, analytics, and portal consulting services for mainly Pharma and Government industry sectors. Business intelligence and analytics helps in handling, identifying, and implementing enormous amount of data to strategize and transform it into meaningful information. Portal services deliver a platform for business value assessment, fast start, and reboot, to define a high level roadmap of portal functionality, offering the desired business and technical outcomes. “Although our main focus is to deliver services to our clients, we have developed a number of useful tools in the process,” notes Jackson. A significant tool offered by Solea is the Liferay marketplace, which consists of a set of apps providing valuable extensions to the functionality for the Liferay community.

Along with the in-depth experience in the Liferay platform, Solea is able to combine a breadth of commercial experience in the Portal and Business Analytics service areas, which enables them to deliver profit-driven projects, maximum business value, and rapid delivery of solutions. The team, thus, outstands other similar software solutionproviding companies. The company focuses on assisting disaster response teams to implement rapid solutions that scale, while remaining flexible to the changing needs on the ground. “We help to ensure that data integrity, quality, and litigation requirements are met and assist the teams in impact analysis and restoration or recovery systems,” affirms Jackson. In the medical vertical, Solea works closely with OpenEMR integrators to make use of Open Source Electronic Medical Records Management solution, using business intelligence and analytics.

We are passionate about the work that we do and we stay abreast of business and technology trends and best practices, vendor announcements, and analyst recommendations

They also specialize in structuralizing scientific data and delivering enterprise class solutions using Open Source technologies.

“We partner closely with the teams to provide out-of-thebox and custom platforms that facilitate team collaboration and field data collection,” says Jackson. One of such events where Solea reached out to support was the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), a program that was developed to restore the health of the Great Lakes region. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) aimed at providing public access to its Great Lakes contaminant database. In order to support cleanup and restoration of areas, it was a challenge to deliver a solution within a very short time frame and fixed budget. To facilitate this effort, Solea consultants partnered with NOAA and deployed a solution consisting of a Portal website, data warehouse, custom GIS application, and business intelligence tools within a 30-day timeframe. The final solution efficiently provided access to the contaminant data collected by state and federal agencies throughout the region. “It’s worth repeating that the amount of progress and effort by Solea Solutions expended to accomplish this goal is nothing short of incredible,” asserts NOAA Business Lead.

Going forward, Solea looks at conducting and participating in industry and community events and to upgrade their tools and solutions, based on the client requirements. “We believe that our core values make up the recipe for a successful client service and our leadership team displays strong consultative skills, competency, and a willingness to learn, which would help us excel at being the best solution-provider in future,” assures Jackson.

Solea Software Solutions

Portland, OR

Michael Jackson, Managing Partner

A software consulting firm, delivering open source Portal and Business Intelligence and Analytic solutions for multiple industry verticals