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Ken Sandfeld, President (Americas)
By 2025, 5G networks are likely to cover one-third of the world’s population and will denote a new era in which connectivity will become increasingly flexible and fluid. When South Korea launched the first 5G service globally, one of the frontrunners of developing telecommunications solutions was SOLiD with its next-generation networks based on O-RAN and distributed antenna systems using fiber-to-the-edge architecture. Today, SOLiD’s solutions facilitate indoor and outdoor cellular and public-safety communications at venues ranging from the busiest airports and subways to Fortune 500 corporate buildings, hospitals, hotels, and universities, professional and college sports venues, government, industrial, and logistics facilities.

Headquartered in South Korea, SOLiD incorporates emerging technology and tests new applications before rolling it in other parts of the world. One of the company’s unique value propositions is products featuring true modularity that facilitates technological changes like 4G to 5G migration. This is particularly useful as new technology often forces older equipment to be replaced entirely. However, “SOLiD offers customers the ability to upgrade systems and avoid rip and replace scenarios and in the process save a significant amount of resources and money,” explains Ken Sandfeld, President (Americas), SOLiD. The company’s primary offering is the Alliance Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) platform, which empowers cellular coverage and capacity at lower costs than comparable systems while delivering superior performance. In addition, SOLiD’s first Fiber2Antenna solution is called edgeROU, a small, compact, active 5G antenna that provides a Wi-Fi like wireless experience and is easy to install while at the same time offering 15 to 25 percent more coverage than other active DAS solutions.

Recently, SOLiD launched RocketWAVE 5G mmWave repeater solution that delivers unprecedented speeds and accesses outdoors and inside buildings. The solution enhances network coverage for three primary use cases: outdoor urban mobile, Fixed Wireless Access, and indoor mobile. RocketWAVE 5G mmWave repeaters overcome the challenges of easily obstructed high band signals retransmitting the signals around obstructions extending coverage distance.

SOLiD offers customers the ability to upgrade systems and avoid rip and replace scenarios and, in the process, save a significant amount of resources and money

SOLiD also offers ALLIANCE DAS and RESPONDER public safety repeaters. Working in parallel with a commercial cellular system, ALLIANCE DAS and Responder public safety repeaters provide the value, scale, and flexibility needed to deliver robust, dependable coverage in emergencies.

Alongside innovative solutions, SOLiD offers comprehensive support and training services to both value-added resellers and end customers. Ensuring that customers receive training to install, maintain, and operate SOLiD’s products enables customers to gain the maximum return from their wireless equipment investment. SOLiD also offers online certification classes that combine the theory and practical knowledge of the SOLiD products in easy to digest videos and segments augmented by knowledge checks.

While SOLiD caters to clients from different verticals, Sandfeld mentions how several large hospitals in the U.S. adopted SOLiD’s Fiber2Antenna solutions to eliminate the large co-axial cables that are associated with conventional DAS systems. The clients also benefitted from SOLiD’s modular capability and 5G support. The clients’ were able to future-proof their systems to ensure that future 5G frequencies are supported.

SOLiD aims to expand its Fiber2Antenna solutions in the coming months due to their high demand in the market. Besides, SOLiD also has plans to launch a suite of mmWave repeater solutions and intends to continue its ongoing commitment to pursuing products that support the O-RAN standard. Leveraging its best in class portfolio of cellular and public safety communications solutions, SOLiD helps people stay connected and safe in a rapidly-changing world.


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Ken Sandfeld, President (Americas)

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