SolidCAM: Easy CNC Programming Inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor

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Emil Somekh, Founder & CEO
Today, amidst the advances in multi-axis and high-speed machining, integration plays a crucial role in the future of computer-aided design (CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) products. The advantages of using CAD/CAM in the computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing process revolve around getting the most out of the CNC machine through reduced cycle times, decrease in machine wear and tear over the long term, and less tool wear. Being a recognized leader for integrated CAM that supports the entire range of manufacturing processes through comprehensive, user-friendly solutions, SolidCAM provides the fastest tool paths and an efficient manufacturing suite for profitable CNC programming inside SOLIDWORKS.

As a leading CAM software, SolidCAM runs directly inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, and provides seamless single-window integration and full associativity to the SOLIDWORKS design model. It also allows automatic update of tool paths when the design model changes. With over 30 years of expertise in CAM development and applications, SolidCAM offers a variety of CAM modules including 2.5D Milling, High-Speed Surfacing, 3D High-Speed Machining, Indexial Multiaxis Machining, Simultaneous 5x Milling, Turning, and Advanced Mill-Turn for Multi-Turret and Multi-Spindle CNC machines, Solid Probe, and WireEDM. “We focus on integration in the leading 3D CAD systems, SOLIDWORKS, and Autodesk Inventor. This approach has made us reliable and established us as both the leader in Integrated CAM, as well as one of the most powerful CAM systems available,” asserts Emil Somekh, founder and CEO of SolidCAM.

The company’s latest patented iMachining technology is a real breakthrough in CNC milling tool path technology, enabling faster and deeper machining by optimizing tool cutting angles and feed rates throughout the tool path. It saves 70 percent and more in CNC machining time and extends tools’ life dramatically while increasing efficiency in the milling CNC operations as well as providing significant savings, which ultimately leads to higher profits. For ensuring “first-cut” success, the iMachining Technology Wizard provides automatic, optimal feed and speed values for different materials and CNC machines.

We focus on integration in the leading 3D CAD systems, SOLIDWORKS, and Autodesk Inventor

The wizard uses an advanced, patented “technology algorithm” for computing and maintaining ideal cutting conditions. The ease-of-use, programming time, cycle time and tool life of iMachining make it a durable differentiator in comparison to any other CAM system in the market.

A distribution channel of a network of affiliates, and resellers present in 50 different countries across the globe make SolidCAM one of the fastest growing CAM software companies. Larry Rehak, the process engineer at Intricate Metal Forming Co., explains his experience with the company as, “Since loading SolidCAM, integrated into SOLIDWORKS, I’ve been able to program complex parts and run them without concern. The machine seems to run smoother than before, cutters last longer and confidence levels are high. Also, I’m able to train others. The software is pretty self-explanatory, and the tutorials are easy to follow.” In another instance, Terry Kramer of Kramer Design Corp. states, “The tight integration with SOLIDWORKS makes my design-to-production life cycle easy and fast. The SolidCAM support team is rock solid. I do some pretty complex 4-axis production projects, and SolidCAM handles them very nicely.”

The company’s solutions offer multilingual support and serve various industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, education, energy, machine building, medical, mold and die, plastics, wood manufacturing, and electrode manufacturing industries. SolidCAM has also added new functionality in its modules in 2018 for improving the overall productivity and performance. For the future, SolidCAM aims to continue to enhance its solutions for keeping pace with the advances in CNC machines by offering best-in-class integrated CAM solutions for efficient CNC programming.


Newtown, PA

Emil Somekh, Founder & CEO

SolidCAM provides the fastest tool paths and an efficient manufacturing suite for profitable CNC Programming inside SOLIDWORKS