SolidFace Technology: The Collaborative 3D Simulation Process

Rafael Lima, Co-founder
CAD models go through multiple iterations of design testing, safety checks, and process parameters with most of them analysed by different industry experts before it is sent for manufacturing. The drafts are shared to various departments via collaborations to ensure that the end product meet the necessary standards and requirements. While collaborating with different companies or firms, the uniformity of software may or may not exist across multiple platforms and often causes unaccounted discrepancies. SolidFace is a CAD solution provider that aims to simplify various collaborative projects across multiple platforms.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, SolidFace aims at delivering compatibility for multiple CAD drafts by providing a unified domain for file sharing. With a tagline, “Share Your CAD System, Not Your CAD Files,” the company offers unprecedented control over shared resources without compromising on security.
The company provides revocable access to design all the while offering scope for editing and augmentation. By offering a 3 step collaboration strategy, SolidFace brings together multiple CAD formats such as X_T, X_B, DWG, DXF, and BMP. The entire collaboration can be remotely operated while the files remain at the designers premises. All-in all, the company aims at creating a secure eco-system for file sharing across different platforms wherein different engineers and users can work on the same 3D model in real time in cognition.

SolidFace was initiated on a simple idea—combining the rising demands of 3D CAD technology with a unique business model. Since then the company has placed its stringent focus on developing products that are reliable, affordable, compatible, and user friendly while delivering excellent customer service. In the process, SolidFace has witnessed tremendous growth all over America.

SolidFace Technology

Austin, TX

Rafael Lima, Co-founder

Emulates CAD software interfaces and features allowing engineers and designers in different places, using different software to collaborate simultaneously in real-time at the same 3D model