Solinea: Leveraging the Potential of Cloud through an OpenStack Based Approach

Francesco Paola, CEO
In spite of the huge benefits and opportunities with the cloud, entrepreneurs have to constantly monitor the latest cloud computing trends, and regularly update the organization’s cloud strategies. Without these, any organization would find it difficult to avoid expensive mistakes and keep a close watch on current as well as future market opportunities. Taking care of these prominent concerns of organizations is Solinea, a San Francisco, California based software and services firm purpose-built to enable advanced cloud strategy, architecture and integration services to enterprises, SaaS and Service Providers. Through a specific approach based on OpenStack Software, Solinea, led by Francesco Paola, CEO, has successfully solved several critical cloud computing infrastructure challenges.

By employing their proven delivery model, the company establishes partnership with clients to help them manage the cloud. It could be optimization of cloud to market strategy, designing cloud architecture to support the present and future workloads,or incorporating OpenStack into the organizational functions.
The firm has an impressive track record, having worked successfully with Tier 1 service providers, top level automotive manufacturers, domestic CSPs and several others.

The firm always had deep focus on the OpenStack software. OpenStack has, in recent times, been resulting in great changes in the sector. Of late, many established organizations, service Providers and SaaS firms have been implementing OpenStack-employed cloud. Yet, the software puts forward the need to manage several difficulties during the implementation. There are many firms trying to solve the installation challenges, yet, the lack of solutions capable of tackling the problem of effective operation of the software was significant. In this scenario, Solinea stands out with its Goldstone platform, which is the first purpose-built monitoring, supervising and analytics platform for running OpenStack clouds.

In fact, the Solinea team is recognized for delivering and incorporating some of the pioneering OpenStack compute and storage clouds at the global level. The firm’s proven methodology is based on the knowledge that the cloud includes an inter-related ecosystem wherein process reconfiguration, governance revision and organizational transformation is of equal importance.


San Francisco, CA

Francesco Paola, CEO

A provider of cloud strategy, architecture and integration services for enterprises, service providers and SaaS. The firm employs an OpenStack based cloud approach