Solix: Small, But Big Enough - To Get The Job Done

Jack Miller, President & COO
What do you do if you’re a utility company faced with overflow in your call center or need expertise in qualifying applicants for programs that must meet complex regulatory requirements?You call Solix!

Solix is a domestic provider of eligibility determination, customer care, and program administration services. Taken individually, these services are nothing new. It is the successful integration of these services centered around a customer-centric approach that make Solix unique and a hot favorite in the market. Solix has been active for years partnering with federal and state agencies, utilities, and commercial businesses including telecoms, in building systems and platforms in a way that is beneficial to both their clients and the end user. Recently, Solix assisted authorities in two statesin providing eligibility determination and customer support in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

“We match applicants with benefits based on rules and program guidelines,” says Jack Miller. And while this may sound relatively simple, successfully executing it is not. “Imagine designing software platforms and solutions, correlating thousands of pieces of data, performing complex matching services based on eligibility requirements spread over multiple domains, and then providing excellent customer contact and support to bring the program to reality. That’s exactly what Solix does on every day for a variety of both large and small customer programs,” Miller added.

Solix’s regulatory expertise and experience in eligibility determination can be combined with Solix Connect, the company’s comprehensive collection of call center and customer care services that provide everything from live agent assistance and IVR communications to fulfillment services.

Miller believes that Solix provides a complete turn-key solution for someone looking to interact with their customer base or applicant base around any eligibility issue.

We don’t have a ‘You Take What We Have’ attitude.We build things that are unique to every customer

In essence, Solix works as an end-to-end eligibility determination process. The success and growth of Solix revolves around three key strategies- Experience, Flexibility and Customer focus. “We don’t have a ‘You Take What We Have’ attitude, we build things that are unique to every customer,” states Miller.

Solix’s experience in the industry certainly sets them apart; the company’s experience and knowledge base is extensive; they’ve been creating and implementing the solutions for years. Miller is quick to highlight the unique knowledge of his employees. He is of the opinion that one can’t underestimate the importance of having significant experience in the regulatory arena. In the case of the utilities market, Solix employs former utilities regulators to help navigate the seemingly endless and increasingly complex set of rules and regulations.

Finally – but perhaps most importantly – Solix prides itself on building solid relationships – both with clients and their customers. “We’re small enough to get the job done but yet big enough to get it done as well. We have a very personal relationship with each of our customers,” opines Jack Miller, President and COO.

As Solix continues to leverage its experience, flexibility, and relationship-building, its clients and their customers will continue to benefit from faster, more accurate applicant qualification, increased program efficiency and improved customer communications. The hard work and tireless customer focus will position Solix squarely at the forefront of the process management industry in the decades to come.


Santa Clara, CA

Jack Miller, President & COO

Provider of eligibility determination, customer care, and program administration services.