Solutions3 LLC: IT Management Experts in the Defense Area

Tricia Battistella, Founder & CEO
Today’s Defense organizations are highly dependent on the management of their IT solutions as well as Resource and Project Management. CIOs in the defense sector face the challenge of providing highly available IT services, managing resource capital, and managing IT assets and associated configurations. In addition to these challenges, obtaining relevant and practical training in complex IT Management solutions is another concern our CIOs face.

As an industry leader in these areas, Solutions3 is addressing these challenges by providing Network & Systems Management (NSM), IT Service Management (ITSM), Business Service Management (BSM), Resource Capital Management (RCM), and Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions. Solutions3 provides its defense clients with IT Management capabilities which encompass three key areas: People, Process, and Technology. “We look to utilize our expertise to provide our clients solutions that address each of the key areas of IT Management,” says Tricia Battistella, Chief Executive Officer, Solutions3 LLC.

Solutions3 provides the knowledge and expertise to effectively implement IT Management solutions. Their approach enables clients to define and manage their service levels, improve IT efficiency and effectiveness, and gain cost benefits by implementing solutions based on best-of-breed technology and industry best practices, aligned with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®). Their solutions are considered full lifecycle in that they encompass the design and architecture, implementation, training, and ongoing operation of the solutions they provide.

“Management of the infrastructure, mission critical services, IT services, the service desk, and associated processes are core areas for us,” says Michael Battistella, Chief Information Officer, Solutions3 LLC. The firm’s collaborative design & implementation approach is key to the success of its projects.

Solutions3 commits to honor God by providing our Clients, Partners, and Team Members with Execution Excellence in all we do

“We also provide application training at the start of a project so that our client team can assist with the design and implementation from start to finish,” affirms Tricia. “When the project comes to an end, our client is better equipped to effectively take over the day-to-day operation of the solutions we provide.” Solutions3 creates training customized to the client’s environment and tailors the labs to represent the end user’s unique environment and includes client-specific case studies.

Solutions3 is often brought in to salvage failing or unsuccessful projects. As an example, a U.S. intelligence agency’s ITSM project had stalled and needed to be reignited. Solutions3 was asked to assess the situation. After conducting a review of the architecture and management application installation, as well as the configuration of the Service Desk, the client transferred the ownership of the design and implementation of the Service Desk and associated process definitions, and all the associated training to the Solutions3 team. Subsequently, the client received improved IT Management capabilities and enhanced customer efficiencies via IT process and workflow improvements.

Moving forward, Solutions3 is eyeing the mobility area as opportunities present themselves, as well as growth areas such as cyber security, big data and data analytics. “We also see ourselves in a Mentor-Protégé relationship and/or a Joint Venture with one or more of our trusted prime contractors, spurring significant growth in our near future,” concludes Tricia.


Wyckoff, NJ

Tricia Battistella, Founder & CEO

Provides IT Management Solutions and Training based on the three key areas of IT Management: People, Process, & Technology. Areas Include: NSM, ESM, BSM, ITSM, RCM & PPM