Solve: BI and App Dev Expertise Power Advanced Analytics

David Fields, Co-founder & Principal Partner
Solve didn’t start out in the business intelligence (BI) marketspace, but it ended up there. And its customers made them do it.

Solve was building sophisticated reporting systemswhen it discovered that those solutions only partially met its clients’ needs: Often users were exporting report data into Microsoft Excel in order to complete their analyses.

That revelation – that its custom reporting solutions were doing what they were designed to do, but still were not delivering all the data, critical insight and actionable information users needed, and, as a result, also were causing users to create significant data integrity, security and quality issues – was troubling.

Solve’s partners knew there had to be a better way to report, analyze and visualize complex data and disparate information.The answer was Bi.

“Today, we’re data analytics people with deep application development expertise,” says Greg Woodard, principal partner. “That’s an uncommon combination. It gives us the ability to build governance around an enterprise’s data, architect a solution that enables data-driven decisions, and offer integrations, connectors and customizations that address its unique needs.”

“The challenge is building a BI solution that provides data governance while providing enough flexibility so that it is truly useful,” Woodard continues.“It’s difficult. And it is precisely what we try to‘solve’for every client,” Woodard says.

Solve also offers clients next-level BI: the ability to extend analytics into other systems, embed BI in other applications and allow users to develop their own reports, create insightful visualizations and perform sophisticated analysis.

“Self-service is the key to having the data and analysis required to make intelligent decisions,” says David Fields, principal partner. “Our clients can get their data out of their systems, and they can do really advanced analysis quickly, when they need it–without having to get IT involved.”
Another challenge is that the data environment at most companies is getting more complex, and data volumes are going up. Solve helps clients sift through their mountain of data to find the diamonds that will help them make informed decisions.

“We assist each organization in identifying their key performance indicators (KPIs),” says Fields.“It’s essential to nail that down to make sure the solutions we build will benefit the organization. And clients across a variety of industries, including consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services and insurance,distribution and retail rely on us to help them use data to identify opportunities.”

Greg Woodard, Co-founder & Principal Partner
Besides providing dashboards, reporting and analytics solutions, Solve works closely with organizations to find answers to their most difficult data access problems, fill their information gaps and achieve their goals.

An example: A food production clienthad a significant amount of historical data in unusable text files. Solve created a custom appthat enabled the company to structure and utilize the valuable performancedata, capture new data across the client’s global footprint, andcombine it with other data sets to perform near-real-time analytics.

Solve’sclient-centered approach also includes pre-built templates designed to accelerate implementation for clients in key industries. One ofthese solutions, Profit Fi, addresses the shared analytical needs of banks and credit unions. The suite includes report and dashboard templates for customer portfolio management, mortgage portfolio analysis and marketplace analysis. With Profit Fi, financial institutions have a shortcut to the information they need to execute their business strategies, know their customers and prospects,and boost revenues.

No matter what the industry, Solve’s goal is to deliver powerful data-driven applications leveraging its partnerships with Qlik and Microsoft. With offices in Wisconsin, Illinoisand Arkansas, Solveuses advanced BI solutions to help customers across the United States gain insight, make smart decisions and improve performance.


David Fields, Co-founder & Principal Partner and Greg Woodard, Co-founder & Principal Partner

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