Optimizing the Management of IT Systems

Adopting a novel technology is always exciting for an enterprise, despite being cumbersome sometimes.

When introducing a new technology into business operations, a number of major considerations need to be assessed. This includes an in depth understanding of how this change would impact the existing workflow.

As most organizations operate in the dark, without a proper adoption methodology or process, this burgeoning impediment can likely snowball into a big headache.

That’s where can help.

Founded in 2003, supports its customers throughout their journey of IT innovation and adoption by delivering high-value solutions and services in the ServiceNow space. Operating primarily in the IT Service Management area, it delivers advisory services on enterprise service management, application and technology implementations, and managed services to enterprise class customers across multiple market segments. employs a proactive and flexible approach that allows the acquisition of highly specialized skills and operational flexibility. With this one of a kind delivery method, gives customers the freedom to focus on their core business.

“We are strongly focused on developing partnerships with leading technology vendors, like ServiceNow, to offer a consulting service and infrastructural and application skills of great importance,” says Massimo Boano, Commercial & Strategy officer of

To achieve this, builds a framework after understanding the enterprise’s current IT stack technology. They plug in their technical expertise to govern and provide an overall service management framework using ServiceNow.For example, the company was instrumental in helping one of its premier clients in assessing and consolidating all their IT Service Management configurations into ServiceNow. developed one homogenized platform for the client’s five platforms, which could be Optimizing the Management of IT Systems SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS - 2022 10 MOST PROMISING SERVICENOW adapted for the different needs of various departments. As a result, significantly cut down the client’s expenses on platforms and the environment complexity. helped another client’s IT department by consolidating various IT service management tools and taking care of all their IT demands. Today, their IT department is the go to team for the entire office and is able to budget for the complete IT technology support through ServiceNow.

At we believe in competence, personal and corporate credibility, quality, team work, passion for our work

As an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO / IEC 20000-1: 2018 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified company, Solve. it has always pursued quality as its primary objective.’s vast experience in the IT field applied to business management is their core driving force, allowing the company to guide customers toward constant technological upgrade so they are ready to face the market’s evolving challenges. Over time, combined consolidated experiences to offer a consulting service and infrastructural and application skills of great importance with a strong component of innovation and in-depth knowledge of company needs.

By implementing policies of continuous innovation, focuses on the evolution of the IT service through a defined partnership strategy with leading software vendors in the sector. Starting from a solid base of technological expertise, it continues to develop a portfolio of solutions capable of providing a systematic approach to IT service.

“At, we believe in competence, personal and corporate credibility, quality, teamwork, and passion for our work,” adds Boano. “We implement continuous innovation policies and deal with the evolution of IT service through a partnership strategy with industry leading vendor software.”


Turin, Italy

Massimo Boano, Commercial & Strategy Officer

Founded in 2003, has been able to combine consolidated experiences in leading organizations in the sector to offer a consulting service and infrastructural and application skills of great importance.