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Nick Rosser, CEO
In the e-Commerce sector, the availability of viable information plays a vital role in the expansion of business operations. However, CIOs are often overwhelmed by a large amount of information, which is increasing in volume and emerging as an important source of customer insight. Solveda, a NY-based company is helping CIOs in categorizing accurate information from the vast ocean of available data while adopting technologies and best practices that are applicable to e-Commerce business needs. “We offer extensive e-Commerce services and solutions that help online vendors in increasing their revenue, improving conversions, and augmenting productivity,” Nick Rosser, CEO, Solveda. “We provide Responsive Web Design for e-Commerce sites to be mobile-ready, without the necessity of building complex applications.”

Solveda pays great attention to the correct Social Media strategy depending on clients’ business needs and the general adoption of multiple videos to highlight product features. Being an IBM premier business partner, the company extends a full range of their services to further benefit e-Commerce enterprises. Solveda’s relationship with the tech giants has strengthened over the years and they recommend IBM solutions such as WebSphere Commerce, Sterling Order Management and Coremetrics Analytics to customers. “Having the IBM product set that solves client problems from receiving the order to fulfilling the consignment is a key advantage for Solveda,” adds Rosser.

The company constantly evaluates, and tests specific features of products along the way, making subtle adjustments to improve, enhance, and deliver a topnotch software solution to e-Commerce enterprises. Rosser conveys that, “in an e-Commerce site, no single factor guarantees success, a compelling design does not guarantee visitors and an amazing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email, Social Media, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign will not assure sales. All factors have an impact and all factors need to complement each other.” Moreover, without the necessary back-end ERP solution and great customer service, an eTailer cannot generate significant repeat business.

We provide Responsive Web Design for e-Commerce sites to be mobile-ready, without the necessity of building complex applications

Solveda holds expertise in delivering a complete view of the customers’ desired solution. In addition, Solveda’s CRM and ERP solutions are critical to tie together the consumer experience from initial contact, through engagement and nurturing, to completing the task.

In one such instance, Solveda’s client, Sleepy’s, a mattress professional needed to develop a sophisticated website in a very short duration of time. With a goal of increasing online sales, the organization wanted their site to provide custom functionalities as well. Solveda recommended IBM Websphere Commerce server, and Sleepy’s ended up having an enterprise scalable solution that catered to their e-Commerce needs. “Sleepy’s customers can find the perfect mattress using a simple quiz in their website and their revenue increased by 23 percent with every passing year,” says Rosser. “Our key differentiator is the ability to recognize the needs of our clients and make them our priority by delivering preferred solution and generating maximum revenue for them.”

The company’s innovation lab is focused on enhancing their core competencies that includes research of the latest technologies, business practices and trends. Solveda’s engineers use the new infrastructures to build various proof-of-concept applications in order to understand the pros and cons of modern tools. Forging ahead, the company plans on delivering numerous innovative customer-centric solutions by utilizing different IBM services in the upcoming years. “As part of our innovation lab and partnering with IBM we look forward to employing multifaceted latest technical and functional innovations,” concludes Rosser.


Long Island, NY

Nick Rosser, CEO

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