Solvoyo: Democratizing Supply Chain Planning

With its headquarters in Boston, MA, Solvoyo was started with the mission to proliferate supply chain proficiency to all who desire it. Koray Dogan, the founder and present Chief Executive Officer of Solvoyo, started the company in 2005 to build a better way to fully satisfy what customers desired. The company was founded to address the original promise of supply chain planning, to provide true end-to-end optimized answers that the business can execute, which he calls Decisions on Demand. “The market's inability to fulfill that promise has been amplified by the increasing complexity and demands of supply chain customers, resulting in companies operating in very inefficient manners to meet their customers' demands,” says Dogan.

The Solvoyo Elevation Platform, the company’s cloud and SaaS-based flagship product, breaks the chains of traditional,compartmentalized planning. It is a singular solution to address all of the customer’s supply chain planning needs (strategic, tactical, and operational); it is a simple solution for those companies who struggled to establish supply chain proficiency as the resources necessary for running the traditional systems had to be so specialized to understand, coordinate, and explain the results to the rest of the organization; it is satisfying for those companies that had plateaued in its supply chain proficiency, yet needed an innovative way to simultaneously optimize transportation, inventory, procurement, and fulfillment to reach new heights. “What my customers appreciate is that our solution enables them to focus on making optimal decisions versus hoping to just create a feasible option,” says Dogan.

The company chose to develop the application without charter customers in order to build a pure solution. “By building this pure solution first, I was not pushed by customers to compromise the design for expediency,” Dogan claims. Thus, Solvoyo has maintained the integrity of the architecture which provides its customers the ultimate flexibility and capability to realize unprecedented results with a singular solution. “For example, the exact same solution is used to determine daily store replenishment decisions for over 2,000 stores of our customer A101, and to also optimize periodically what adjustments to the distribution network are necessary to support new stores in a new region,” continued Dogan.

The Solvoyo Elevation Platform was developed in a technology park in Istanbul and partially financed by the Turkish Science Institute (TUBITAK)/EU grants in addition to self-funding prior to an investment at the end of 2012 by 212 Capital Partners.
Koray Dogan, CEO
The product increases supply chain efficiency for retailers, consumer goods manufacturing, distributors, discrete manufacturing, and logistics providers. Solvoyo has already achieved a proven track record of over $200 million in annual savings to customers such as Applied Materials, HP, and OFS Brands in the US and Vestel, g2m, and A101 in Turkey.

Furthermore, the Solvoyo Elevation Platform provides packaged workflows to support planning for Sales and Operations (S&OP), sales-driven replenishment, supply chain agility, transportation, and production. The platform is said to have special characteristics. Neither does it provide separate modules or products, nor does it have multiple databases. It also does not require multiple, long implementations.

The company has seen an influx of customers in industries where they have increasing market pressure, channel demands, and complexity, such as the array of the consumer industries of electronics, durables, and packaged goods in addition to retail with their omni-channel challenges. In addition, classic industrial manufacturing have sought its solution to generate increased efficiency while building greater agility into their operations.

Vestel, which supplies over half of the TVs in Europe, faced rising supply chain costs with degrading customer service, despite having a best-of-breed technology deployed. With Solvoyo, Vestel not only optimized the transportation costs, they actually optimized the overall fulfillment costs by optimally determining "when" in addition to "how" to fulfill demand, resulting in a sustained 18 percent reduction in their cost-to-serve domestic demand.

Solvoyo’s mission is the democratization of supply chain planning. To achieve this, the company’s focus is now on making the solution truly "Instant On" by reducing and ultimately eliminating the traditional implementation. They believe that onboarding will be a self-guided exercise so that the focus is only on achieving business results.


Boston, MA

Koray Dogan, CEO

To address the original promise of supply chain planning and provide true end-to-end optimized answers that the business can execute