Sonar Technologies: Optimized Field Service Capabilities

Arun Sharma,CEO
Delivering superior field service helps organizations to keep up customer satisfaction, loyalty and gain market share. However, as field service operations and resources are spread across vast territories, field workers are critically challenged with their work order management, routes and daily processes—often failing to match customer needs. As a result, field service companies seek a centralized system to manage the field service activities and also enable mobility in their workflow, making it easier for engineers and technicians to have a clear visibility of their daily work schedule. To meet the expanding needs of field service, Sonar Technologies, a provider of mobile resource management solutions, enables business to visually track, plan and manage resources and operations in real time over a geo-graphic area of any size.

Sonar’s Trans-Service, an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Planning solution, automatically assigns work orders to the appropriate field technicians and engineers, as it is the most crucial process in delivering superior field service. The workflow is streamlined based on their location, availability, competency and job priority. “Our solution includes automatic job scheduling, GPS tracking, job-to-job navigation, invoicing and asset management, map scheduling or dispatch, route optimization, territory planning, and more,” explains Arun Sharma, CEO, Sonar Technologies.

The process is simple. If a field manager needs to schedule a job, the auto-scheduler looks into the customer database and picks up all the information and schedules the job, say for a weekly or monthly service runs. The scheduled jobs are then displayed automatically to the dispatcher to ensure that all the zones, territories and routes are planned properly. If the automated schedule is perfectly done, it passes to the next step of auto-allocating the job to the field workers, else adjustments are made and then it is further passed to the technicians. Finally field workers and technicians get their entire work for a week or month via their mobile device and organize themselves accordingly. “Our mobility solution seamlessly works on iOS, Android, &Windows Phone to make sure that we are well independent,” comments Sharma.

Our solution includes automatic job scheduling, GPS tracking, job-to-job navigation, invoicing and asset management, map scheduling or dispatch, route optimization, territory planning, and more

In order to automate these jobs, Sonar leverages technologies of companies like Zebra, Microsoft, Honeywell, Data Logic, Advantech and more—offering customized solution to the changing customer requirements. Sonar’s successful and innovative solution serves plumbing and electrical, transport and freight, maritime, healthcare, pest control and hygiene industries, and other field service intensive verticals. Some of the Sonar’s customer’s, like Alsco, Ecolab &Rentokil in Australia, who are pest and hygiene experts, has signed contracts with most of the hotels, hospitals and facilities for performing hygiene operations in wash rooms. These business faced challenges in scheduling jobs for large numbers of mobile workers at the right time. Sonar’s specialized field service incorporated all the business rules defined by their customer’s requirements and automatically scheduled the workflow for the workers for weeks, month or year. Once the jobs were done, they received the acceptance or the satisfaction signature from the customers block, ensuring customer satisfaction and Proof of Service.

Forging ahead, the company aims to spread its service from Australia and New Zealand into bigger developing countries. At the same time, “We do continue to enhance our current offerings, by taking inputs from our annual customer appreciation or advisory board meeting,” says Sharma. Apart from this, the company is investing heavily on R&D to offer simple products for customer’s use and address some of the big business needs across geographies.

Sonar Technologies

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Arun Sharma,CEO

An enterprise IT and mobility solution company, which specializes on field service work force management, transport and logistics solutions, healthcare and hygiene solutions and asset management solutions

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