Sooryen Technologies: A Business Value centric Approach Towards Mobile and Cloud Solutions

Ram Ganesan, Founder & CEO
Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Söoryen Technologies specializes in helping startups and enterprise clients navigate the complex tech trionym—Mobile, Cloud and Big Data. A brainchild of Ram Ganesan and Vinod Paniker, Söoryen symbolizes the boundless, unlimited energy provided by the sun. “Like the sun, we believe in harnessing positive energy that the employees bring to the table and use it to ensure a fun and thriving environment, while radiating the same energy to the clients,” says Ganesan.

According to Ganesan, the major concern for IT or technology projects today is their disinclination towards massive capital intensive projects requirements. Söoryen demystifies that idea by pouring the resources into the cloud, as it allows clients to invest in technology in a pay-as-you-go model. “We don’t create complex engineering solutions just for the sake of engineering and that’s why our customers love us,” notes Paniker. Leveraging its partnership with AWS, Sooryen helps clients develop mobile apps, deploy apps to the cloud, and integrate apps with social networks.

The company understands the specific business drivers behind a particular project like client engagement, customer acquisition, and order conversion. They then provide end-to-end services from a good user interface design and good user experience to a solid technical architecture that altogether contributes a solution for the business drivers. Söoryen also allows for easy measurement and a clear feedback loop for gauging such drivers and continue to make necessary improvements. The company also uses frameworks to get the solution tested by end users as well as apply multivariate testing techniques to pick out the winning experiences. “Once we launch the actual solution using AWS we are able to scale it larger to audiences very quickly, without heavy investments required by the client or us,” says Ganesan.

Söoryen’s method of work is centered on the concept of triple ‘I’, referring to innovation, iteration, and insight. Using innovation, the company brings out cutting edge technologies at a rapid pace. Through iteration of processes, Söoryen makes sure that the solution they provide is exactly what is required for the client.

We’re working towards the Big Data competency with AWS and we feel the secret behind it is constant engagement with Amazon

Söoryen Technologies is associated with some of the most prolific companies in the U. S. The company has been working with a leading e-commerce retailer based in Long Island, NY, and has delivered a reminder program which allows the client to harvest their customers’ important dates and occasions, and then run marketing campaigns against those occasions. Sooryen provided them with a custom scalable AWS-based solution, keeping in mind that their previous application went down every time it had to deal with huge amounts of data. They re-engineered the client’s application on AWS and provided them a scalable platform. From several days of downtime in a year, the application operated at near 100 percent up time. This resulted in capturing relevant customer data more than 5 times compared to the previous solution.

Going forward, Ganesan emphasizes on the future of cloud technology and Big Data. “We’re working with AWS Redshift and other AWS offerings in the Big Data space where our current model of innovation, iteration, and insight will bring monumental changes in the industry,” says Ganesan. Söoryen Technologies plans to expand globally and within the the coming years. “Ten years down the line, if we want to define the success of Söoryen, we want to be known as the best workplace, for which the company follows a unique recruiting method, selecting and training the future employees early during their graduation period. We believe that if we achieve this goal, customer satisfaction, technical innovation, as well as financial gain will automatically follow,” concludes Ganesan.

Sooryen Technologies

Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Ram Ganesan, Founder & CEO and Vinod Paniker, Co-founder & COO

An innovation partner to the CMO and the CTO