SoTel System: Enhancing Communication via Cloud UC and SIP Trunking

Jim Goebel, President & CEO
With the passage of time, the unified communications arena has become more intricate as technology implementation in accordance with user demands has proven to be a Gordian knot. Delivering voice over internet, while effectively meeting end-user expectations is imperative for companies. New age workplace practices like BYOD and location agnostic operations add new dimensions to the complex UC operations framework. “Today, it is customers who define the product offerings, and we have witnessed exponential growth in demand for fast delivery of data center based services,” says Jim Goebel, President and CEO, SoTel Systems. In such a scenario, with extensive experience in telephony and Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Saint Louis, MO based SoTel develops Cloud PBX, SIP Trunking as well as new and remanufactured telecom and data products hardware.

“We are leveraging the latest technology innovations to add value to an organization’s business processes,” states Goebel. SoTel’s team recognizes the need to develop robust connectivity and networking hardware to suit and support the operability of cloud based offerings. “With a holistic approach, we strive to be vendor agnostic and design solutions that fulfill the partner’s business needs,” states Goebel. In its attempt to encapsulate the entire gamut of communication needs, SoTel offers cloud-based services as well as hardware solutions that endue users with extensive configuration capability. Partners gain a rich and comprehensive user experience in voice and data deliverance through SoTel’s cloud and SIP trunking products.

SoTel harnesses the power of Metaswitch Networks’ telephony application and network platform to ease the transition of traditional communication networks to a cloud native and IP friendly service. SoTel leverages Metaswitch’s capabilities to serve manufacturers and software developers with its cloud infrastructure. Goebel explains how not only small and medium businesses, but also large enterprises utilize and trust SoTel’s cloud services.

We address the needs of customers’ entire ecosystem from a hardware and services perspective

“In addition to the UC applications we are delivering from our Metaswitch platform, we are launching connectivity and cloud application delivery service with Samsung Communications through our cloud infrastructure,” he adds.

In one of the implementation highlights, a large real estate company sought call control and communication management facilities for its 150 contractors. Teams were using their personal mobile devices to interact with customers and build a social media presence. As various disparate devices were being used, monitoring the social media activity and communication with customers became challenging. After deploying SoTel’s mobility solution, the client could assign a single contact number for all its contractors and gain ease of accessibility. Subsequently, it was win-win situation for the client as well as its workforce.

“We address the cradle to grave needs of customers’ entire telephony ecosystem from a hardware and services perspective,” states Goebel. “Being a full-fledged service provider, we stand apart from our competitors who tend to focus on reselling equipment.” SoTel looks forward to extending the line card of its data center based products and cloud offerings, while adding wireless networking as a service to its existing range of propositions. “We will offer subscription based services to help start-ups prune their capital expenditure,” says Goebel. In the journey so far, SoTel has been educating its customers about the benefits of embracing new technologies like cloud and mobility and handing them an edge over conventional modes of communication. “At the end of the day, we leverage our expertise and experience to allow clients’ needs to drive and address the market challenges.”

SoTel System

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Jim Goebel, President & CEO

Provides native business VoIP services and remanufactured telephony and data communications gear