Span Ltd: Robust Services for Seamless Office 365 Migration

Nikola Dujmović, CEO
Office 365 is the next step in the evolution of business tools, offering cloud based services that complement the maximum collaborative performance of work in the company at the most optimal cost. IT employees demand the ability to communicate critical business information with rich documents, presentations and spreadsheets; the ability to share that information quickly and securely with reliable communications solutions; and the ability to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners alike. With Office 365, customers can work safely and communicate in real time from virtually any location, improving productivity, collaboration, communication and seamless IT infrastructure. Therefore companies mostly prefer Office 365 in the current age. Moving data and email manually to Office 365 can take months to complete. This is where solutions and service providers step in. However, few possess the resolve that Span Ltd does. A firm with years of experience in the ICT sector, Span Ltd offers services and solutions for Office 365 migration. “Our standard is to provide zero downtime, zero data loss, zero impact while migrating organization data to Office 365,” says Nikola Dujmović, CEO, Span Ltd. The most important aspect is that it is available on all devices, easier to implement, maintain, support and license than before. “Most of our customers while migrating to Office 365 immediately implement SharePoint and cloud storage even if they did not use it before because it is of such a great value,” elucidates Dujmovic.

Span Ltd, headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia began its operations in 1993 as a software solution provider for Microsoft platform. The company today has evolved to provide customers with premium architecture, implementation, and support services for their business needs and render professional services in planning and construction of information systems.

Our standard is to provide zero downtime, zero data loss, zero impact while migrating organization data to Office 365

Data security, documents and applications in the cloud is ensured by a proactively monitored data center and Service Level Agreement (predefined target level of service and delivery conditions). In the data center are built-in security mechanisms and procedures for disaster recovery too.

Additionally, the company’s solutions and services are implemented on an infrastructure managed by Span Ltd. This essentially ensures that the client does not have to make high initial investments in hardware or software and implementation services for specific solutions, instead focus on their business challenges and to take IT as a genuine support for business operations, and not as an additional burden. The services offered by Span Ltd are charged on a monthly basis and only to the extent of the actual use of the service. Many successfully completed projects, both at home and abroad, are testimony of the company’s professionalism, extensive experience and knowledge which guarantee the client a high quality of service and optimized solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Microsoft technologies are expected to come up with more exciting software solutions and Span Ltd plans to continuously upgrade its solutions and services to be one of the leaders in the implementation and support business. Today, more than ever, customers are looking for solutions to increase their own competitiveness and productivity. “We believe that Office 365 is the right platform to build secure and scalable solutions,” concludes Dujmovic.


Zagreb, Croatia

Nikola Dujmović, CEO

Provider of premium architecture, implementation and support services to businesses and Office 365 migration solutions and services.