Spartan Business & Technology: Integrating Service Business With Technology

CIO Vendor Spartan Business and Technology is a consulting company that supports institutions whose core mission is to serve people. Whether it’s a government agency improving services to benefit American public or a non-profit working at the forefront of international development, Spartan dedicatedly provides program, financial and business management services to aid these organizations. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in National Harbor, MD, Spartan is lead by Lorenzo Downing, President and CEO.

Spartan renders its expertise in areas which include IT portfolio management, business process reengineering, systems development, acquisitions, logistics, and program and project management. "Whether we deploy business process re-engineering experts, project/program managers, systems architects, or financial analysts – our employees are subject matter professionals that offer the competency to understand, build and leverage the clients’ networks so that their enterprise can excel in a dynamic and ever-evolving business environment,” says Downing.

Spartan also provides training programs that are in concert with their clients’ needs. They focus particularly on staff and organizational development which includes specific software, processes, and procedures programs that are congruent with the needs of the participants and the organization’s objectives. Clients partner with Spartan to identify and enhance business efficiencies and to ensure overall effectiveness throughout their organization.

Based on the company’s significant experience with operational characteristics and business requirements of a wide variety of clientele, Spartan has played an instrumental role in providing consulting services to organizations.
The company’s professionals have performed advisory services and implementations for numerous executive branch agencies as well as government, private sector and non-profit clients.

Spartan is committed to identify problems and opportunities in internal operations and external business. Since investment in business acumen is essential to drive long-term results and to increase profitability, the company grasps the big picture and handles mission-critical projects through comprehensive capability in quantitative and analytical capacities. Thus it drives the business and technology with interrelationships to include mergers, acquisitions, innovation and more. “We create and innovate options in order to develop an execution pathway to monitor, re-adjust, improvise and learn to deliver shareholder value,” adds Downing.

For example, The Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition Integration (SAF/AQX), a client of Spartan took its help to obtain IT Help Desk, Reporting, and Data Analysis support for Contractor Manpower Reporting Application (CMRA). In another case study, Spartan helped the Office of the Secretary of Defense, located at Washington in effective Resource Management and Business Process Improvement.

Spartan’s ability to manage IT portfolios enhances the capacity of key decision-makers to assess the probable impact of investments on an agency’s programs and infrastructure, as well as on the overall state of the IT infrastructure. It delivers tools and methods to help organizations optimize the use of technology to achieve performance objectives and goals.

Looking ahead, Spartan continues its approach to leverage both business and IT perspectives by assisting organizations in evaluating technology opportunities and developing IT strategies. Through these service support management, Spartan aims to move the business forward by quickly identifying how IT provides greater value to the business.

Spartan Business & Technology

Dedicated provider of program, financial and business management services to aid government organizations