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Maneesh Gupta, Founder & Managing Partner
The advent of digital technologies has led to transformational changes in sales operations. Managing sales operations in a competitive marketplace has become more challenging than ever before. Regulatory pressures have made it even more difficult, as companies struggle with issues such as compensation errors, overpayments, delayed payments, ad-hoc reporting, and changing regulatory requirements. In the wake of these recent developments, sales performance management (SPM) systems have gained prominence.

SPM is all about aligning sales personnel behavior with corporate strategy. Organizations that implement SPM systems can expect to reduce errors by more than 90 percent, processing times by more than 40 percent, and IT and Admin staffing by more than 50 percent. The tools to manage SPM operations come from the best-of-breed software vendors that perform this task exceedingly well. IBM, with its IBM SPM suite of tools, has been leading the innovation with its robust automation capabilities and smart change management features. Founded in 2006 by a team of SPM veterans, Spectrum Technologies has been an early stage partner of IBM in the SPM landscape. The company’s domain expertise along with its rich industry experience has enabled several mid-large enterprises to automate SPM and incentive compensation operations through value driven partnerships with IBM.

Sharing his experience, Maneesh Gupta, founder and Managing Partner of Spectrum Technologies, states that he has worked closely with many global sales organizations and has seen the sales processes and operations change rapidly over the last few years. “Today, organizations demand more than just accurate commission statements delivered on time. Organizations are striving for visibility, analysis, and oversight into the entire compensation process to know what’s working and what’s not,” says Gupta. Along with tracking critical sales KPIs and managing large volumes of data, the SPM system must also help in accurate forecasting and planning.

Organizations are striving for visibility, analysis, and oversight into the entire compensation process to know what’s working and what’s not

Spectrum Technologies follows a consultative selling approach and guides its customers at every stage of their SPM journey by providing services in four key areas including strategic consultation, vendor selection, software implementation, and managed services. The company’s SPM team helps in identifying the areas of improvement. Spectrum Technologies also offers on-site training on specific areas of SPM, creating knowledgeable workers within the client’s operations team.

Being a power-house of SPM thought leadership, Spectrum Technologies sets itself apart with the goal of becoming a trusted advisor to its customers. Spectrum’s wide clientbase is a testament to their customer-focused delivery model. Spectrum deploys teams of highly skilled IBM SPM professionals spread across the U.S. and India. The dual shore delivery model not only expedites the delivery but also creates substantial savings. “I really appreciate the fact that their management focused on making us a success, instead of maximizing their consulting revenue. I’d recommend Spectrum Technologies to anyone who needs a true partner in their IBM SPM journey,” says Farhan Abbasi, Manager, Global Sales Compensation Administration at Seagate Technology, the leading data storage company in Silicon Valley.

Every organization has a unique sales process and very specific operational challenges. With the sales process becoming more dynamic than ever before, implementing a full-fledged SPM solution can be a daunting task. Spectrum has emerged as the partner of choice for leading global organizations, helping them navigate all challenges to ensure their success.

Spectrum Technologies, LLC

Sunnyvale, CA

Maneesh Gupta, Founder & Managing Partner

Spectrum provides a full range of consulting and managed services with its long-standing partnership with key technology vendor IBM

Spectrum Technologies, LLC